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All We See is Potential.

It starts with one person. One person joins many people. Together they will help build communities able to solve our most entrenched problems.

That’s Social Venture Partners. A global network of local partners aligning passion and purpose.

SVP practices venture philanthropy, a business approach for social impact. As such, we invest financial, human, and social capital to solve community problems. We partner across sectors to support sustainable, community-driven solutions. We connect people and organizations striving to change the world together.

What We're Talking About

With Project Impact, Abby uses her analytical mind to conduct interviews with former and current Investees and pull out key findings and themes to identify the effect our capacity building model has on the people and organizations we work with. We are so inspired by the enthusiasm and commitment Abby brings to the table as a Partner, and as a philanthropist. Read More »

SVP is seeking a Vice President of Operations & Finance to enhance and direct our operations and financial management. The VP will work directly with the CEO and key organizational leaders on vision and strategy and then manage planning, processes, workflows, and systems to ensure there is adequate capacity, optimization, and harmonization of efforts across all functional areas. Read More »

Because of the significant progress we’ve seen with our investment in Latino Network, we have decided to re-invest with them over a two-year period. This investment will total $80,000 and the volunteer talent that our brilliant Partnership provides. Read More »

IRCO impacts families in a real, tangible way; preparing and priming the children in the immigrant community for success in their school years. Read about Anna, a single mother and Latina immigrant, and her son Oscar; and how IRCO has helped them to thrive. Read More »

We have formally renewed our Partnership with BPI, and in the coming year we will have broader and deeper outcome data, so we will be better prepared to expand and share knowledge with others serving Black families in the community. Read More »

Featured Events

Annual Partners Meeting

October 19 @ 5:30 pm

As we do each year, your Annual Partners Meeting will showcase highlights of our impact, what’s on the horizon and where we’re headed with the Ready for Kindergarten goal. One of our inspirational investee leaders will serve as our keynote. We will also feature stories of impact from our Investees and offer rich opportunities to connect with fellow Partners and community leaders. Read More »

Preschool for All: Investing in Equity

October 13 @ 9:00 am

Support young children’s rights to participate fully in their communities. Learn how to address the serious gaps in access to early childhood education (preschool). Gaps are often generated by systemic inequities that leave a deficit image of the child. Read More »