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Let’s get updated: 412 Food Rescue

Posted by melissasmith

When 412 Food Rescue was selected as the newest SVP Investee at the 2015 Fall Pitch event, we all knew to expect amazing outcomes. Leah Lizarondo, co-founder of 412 Food Rescue, has been working with SVP Pittsburgh lead partners Kenny Chen, Mike Hoffman, and Heidi Bartholomew to develop and accomplish goals for the coming year.


organic produce that went from the East End Food Co-op to Lawrenceville United to share with families in need!

In November, the team met to develop a strategy map for 412 Food Rescue’s 2016 objectives. Partner Mike Hoffman described the experience as “awesome! The map is a guide that allows the nonprofit organization to best identify their needs and for the partners to best identify how we, as an organization, can help meet those needs. Personally, working with Kenny and Heidi is why I love SVP so much. Our common interest in 412 Food Rescue brings people from 3 different backgrounds together for a common cause, to help end hunger. How great is that?! I encourage all partners to simply decide what interests them and raise a hand to get involved. The strategy map will help you use your gifts to make a huge difference and get to know some amazing people.”

Since meeting in November, 412 Food Rescue has been moving quickly! Kenny notes that they have formalized a partnership with Giant Eagle, became the successful pilot recipient of involveMINT’s first challenge grant and TimeCredits, and started the Monthly Workshop Series at Repair the World.

Other incredible news? While 412 Food Rescue was able to raise $33,000 (133% of their targeted goal) in their “25k in 25 Days” campaign to purchase a new truck to help pick up food donations throughout Allegheny County, they won’t be using it for that! Andrew McCutchen, Pittsburgh Pirate, donated a truck! They will now be using the funds they raised during the Crowdrise campaign to operate their new truck. The donations will now go toward registration, insurance, installing solar panels to help save energy, hiring a driver, and paying for gas and maintenance costs. Check out the interview on KDKA-TV here(note from The 412 Food Rescue Team: We also want to take this opportunity to let you know that if you donated solely for the purpose of purchasing the actual truck and would like to have your donation back, we will gladly accommodate (although we hope that you will allow us to redirect it to operating the truck—an equally important need.))

209 cases of produce rescued by 7 volunteers over the course of 3 days to 11 organizations in 10 neighborhoods.

209 cases of produce rescued by 7 volunteers over the course of 3 days to 11 organizations in 10 neighborhoods.

The team will be meeting with 412 Food Rescue in the first week of February to continue moving forward. We can’t wait to hear what will come next!

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