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You want to put a dent in the world, but you know you’ll only get so far on that journey alone. That’s what SVP is for.

It starts with you. We can’t define the change you’re searching for, but we will help you achieve it. We’ll connect you to the people and organizations that share your passion, and together we will amplify your impact.

Contact us at info@SVPPittsburgh.org to learn more.

“It is such a privilege to be a part of SVP Pittsburgh and see what we do up close. Couldn’t help but feel proud when I saw Shepherds Heart’s new van and the man driving it, who was a graduate of the veterans program. Without SVP Pittsburgh, it would not have happened. It is a real blessing to be associated with this group.”  – Michael Hoffman, SVP Pittsburgh Partner (2012)

“Oftentimes, we give money to organizations and assume that they are using the money for some worthwhile purpose. With SVP Pittsburgh, I get to not only give my money to some great organizations, but I get to see firsthand the benefits received and the impact of that money. At the same time, I get to see the wonderful things that can happen with an organization when you give something more valuable than money – your time and expertise.”  – Jeanette Thomas, SVP Pittsburgh Partner (2011)

How It Works

SVP Partners make annual tax deductible contributions that are pooled to make grants to local nonprofits, often leveraging financial support from local foundations.  However, what is truly unique about this model is that the financial investment is multiplied as partners volunteer their time and skills to work with the Full Circle nonprofits to strengthen their operations and planning.

It is also becoming growingly popular for individual partnerships to be secured by their employer, covering all or part of the contribution.  Many companies want to grow the philanthropic nature of their employees, and want to be more engaged in the SVP Pittsburgh model than solely being sponsors for an event.  Sponsoring an employee is a great way to achieve both of these objectives.

Partner roles are very flexible. Some Partners simply use SVP as a way to make a highly leveraged gift, others take advantage of our education sessions and peer learning opportunities, and some roll up their sleeves and dig into volunteer projects.

When you decide join other partners to make a difference through SVP Pittsburgh, we will meet to talk about your interests, skills, available time, and professional background.  No two partners are the same in this regard.  Some want to get very involved with our investees, using their professional skills to build capacity in nonprofits serving at-risk youth.  Others are interested in coaching a nonprofit leader for a pitch program.   Many partners enjoy defining the focus area for grant making or developing an educational session to ‘get smart’ about issues that affect our community.  Others get involved on the selection process, working as a team to select the Full Circle cohort.  Finally, there are some partners who prefer solely to financially contribute to SVP Pittsburgh grant making, who also attend educational sessions and pitch events.  There is no one answer for what makes SVP Pittsburgh meaningful to its partners.  You define what works for you in our engaged-giving model —  to grow as philanthropists and support our local nonprofits capacity-building needs.

Join Today

If you are interested in becoming an SVP Partner, please contact Elizabeth Visnic (elizabeth@svppittsburgh.org). Check out the “quick facts” about being a partner here!

If you’d like to meet some of our current Partners, hear about their experience, and learn more about SVP’s impact, attend one of our Networking Socials or Think Tankathons. These events give you the chance to connect with like-minded individuals, learn about engaged philanthropy, and discover what SVP is all about.