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AMPED! is SVP International’s official newsletter for the tireless affiliate teams making it happen across the globe, every day of the year. “Amped”, because that’s how we feel when we think about and do our work — the state of mind that powers our vision of a better future through SVP. Get click-happy with past issues for news, resources and more to amplify the impact of your SVP!

AMPED! 2-4  |  March 2018

SVP Global Summit Magic, The Matrix and a special goodbye.

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AMPED! 2-3  |  February 2018

Everything SVP Global Summit — and the most important call you missed in all of January!

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AMPED! 2-2  |  January 2018

A micro issue to get your year kickstarted: The latest on April 2018’s SVP Global Summit, CEO Tim Schottman puts 2017 in perspective, a new take on impact investing in Denver, a blue-ribbon winner and more.

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AMPED! 2-1  |  December 2017

Wrapping it Up: SVP Portland’s Impact Pact, the SVP Global Summit gets it’s first star, our new SVPI Board of Directors, an impact investing playground in Denver, and so much more.

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AMPED! 1-8  |  October, 2017

Finding your way: Journeys, maps, scopes, compasses, and other new tools to navigate the SVP multiverse. And more.

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AMPED! 1-7  |  September, 2017

SVP and BoardSource get friendly, a wiggly gift from the graphics grab bag and the SVPI Board elections kick off. And more.

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AMPED! 1-6  |  August, 2017

The SVP International Global Summit gets real, network data aplenty, Portland goes big or goes home. And more.

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AMPED! 1-5  |  June, 2017

We drop three SVP Philanthropy Curriculum courses for download, a spanky-new resource center and the Capacity Building Outcomes Report. Boom. And more. 

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AMPED! 1-4  |  April, 2017

Fundraising in Vancouver, data deep-diving, a stronger team at SV2 with the Enneagram. And more.

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AMPED! 1-3.5  |  March, 2017

Last train to Scottsdale and a brand new SVP Philanthropy Curriculum E-Pilot. And more.

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AMPED! 1-2  |  January 11, 2017

SVP instantly transforms a life, new giving strategies in Cleveland, getting your SVP on the radio. And more.

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AMPED! 1-1  |  November, 2016

Where it all began: Amped! debuts with lots of “dancing”, robust collateral templates to raise your game, Priscilla Hill-Ardoin’s “Can’t Not Do”. And more.

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