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SVP International

Why It Matters

We are stronger together.

Yes, you are doing great work in your community.  But what if you could do more? What if you could share ramp up your game and share your successes and failures so every member in the SVP Network – and their communities – could benefit?

Every member in the SVP Network wants to make a greater impact.  What better way to maximize efficiency, increase your sustainability and reach your full potential than tapping into resources at your fingertips?

SVPI has years of experience guiding new SVPs, coaching existing SVPs, developing tools, studies, reports and programming all in an effort to make your job easier – so you can accelerate impact in your community.

We’re just getting started. 

We are launching our own next stage growth.  We’re going beyond working autonomously in our own communities and instead looking at initiatives like Collective Action and Scaling Impact and applying it to our collective portfolio of nonprofit investees.  We are poised to be the intermediary between the large scale institutional funders who want to work with our already-vetted nonprofit investee pool.  We are building leaders who can influence and make change not only in their own communities but across the philanthropic sector.

Leverage the collective power of the Network.

“Each member in the Network is a spark on the map where there is innovation and experimentation. We share what works (and not) and share the best practices that survive. One of the ingredients of social innovation is quick prototyping – not overly analyzing – but getting an idea and going with it to see how it works. We are young enough, flat enough, and small enough to be flexible, but old enough, large enough and organized enough to be able to compare practices in a useful way.”

– Linda Springer, Partner, SVP Cleveland and Former Executive Director

Our unique value proposition

In the social sector that is crowded with individuals, agencies and consulting firms that give technical input to nonprofits – we drive change with an engine of human-capital. SVP can contribute a new generation of community leaders and citizen philanthropists to this sector.