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Lance Fors

Lance is the Board Chair of Social Venture Partners International and member of the executive committee of SV2 РSilicon Valley Social Venture Fund. His passion is in helping scale up high performing organizations to deliver more services for greater impact. He works to empower our best social entrepreneurs by acting as a thought partner and mentor.  Working with several dozen organizations per year, Lance finds the inflection point for organizational change and works to enhance their funding, talent and program models to transform their impact.

Lance received his BA from UC-Berkeley and his PhD from the California Institute of Technology in molecular biology. He was then Founder and CEO of Third Wave Technologies, building it into a leading publicly-traded biotechnology company, which made products that enabled the early detection and treatment of cervical, colorectal, liver and other cancers. Since selling Third Wave, Lance has focused on social change and entrepreneurship.

Lance has been the long-term board chair of New Teacher Center, Reading Partners and is a former chair of SV2 РSilicon Valley Social Venture Fund, a strategic partner in the SVP Network. He helped New Teacher Center and Reading Partners achieve up to 75 percent compound annual growth and become leaders in their fields. In addition, he is a board member of Growth Philanthropy Network and Jumpstart, and lectures on the potential of nonprofit boards to provide transformational leadership.

In social entrepreneurship, Lance is the Founder and CEO of a provider of housing for individuals with disabilities. He acquires, modifies and then rents out select properties long-term to enable individuals with special physical or mental needs to live independently. Lance is also lead director and co-owner of Lance Construction Supplies, an inventor on dozens of patents, and an Ernst and Young entrepreneur of the year award recipient.

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