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Powerful Relationships. Thriving Communities. Engaged Philanthropy.

Social Venture Partners Minnesota is a powerful model for giving. We fuel nonprofit success by connecting smart people who volunteer their brain power, money, and time with the Twin Cities’ most promising nonprofits.

We carefully select small and mid-sized nonprofits having extraordinary impact and with the potential to have much more. As we infuse them with greatly needed resources, they grow to serve more low-income, underserved teens with programs that truly work.


Building powerful relationships and thriving communities through the amplifying impact of engaged philanthropy.


We elevate the lives of underserved teens by turbo-charging transformational social enterprises and philanthropic leaders.

See our 2015 Impact Report.

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    Quarterly Summit: “Reconnecting Across Boundaries” with Don Samuels

    September 19, 2016 5:00 pm

    Join us for an enriching Quarterly Summit where keynote speaker Don Samuels will speak about "Reconnecting Across Boundaries." Mr. Samuels is CEO of Microgrants, a director on the Minneapolis School Board and former Minneapolis City Council member. He co-founded what is now known as the Northside Achievement Zone to educate low-income children in north Minneapolis, where Mr. Samuels and his wife live. Read More »

    A Taste of SVP

    September 21, 2016 7:30 am

    Are you seeking to realize a greater impact with your giving? Maybe we can help! Join us to learn about the mission of Social Venture Partners Minnesota. SVP partners will share how the model of engaged philanthropy works and why they think it is the best way to affect social change. They will provide a brief overview of SVP, discuss how they are involved, and share their perspectives on how they and the Twin Cities gain from the work. Read More »