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Investee update

Posted by waynesaunders

The evening of 12th September 2018 saw two exciting not-for-profit organisations present to the SVP partners as potential investees for 2019 and beyond. The two organisations were Youth Live4Life, a youth suicide prevention NFP, and Kids Like Us, an organisation that works with twice exceptional youth (2e) to create opportunities for their future.

  • Youth Live4Life is based in the Macedon Shire, and is a proven community based model for suicide prevention, grown from the ground up, that is in demand as the blueprint for all rural communities in Victoria, if not Australia.
  • Kids Like Us works with twice exceptional youth, who are gifted children with learning differences / disabilities, enabling them to achieve their potential in school and life.

Partners agreed that both organisations were worthy of further review, and the OCAT process in currently in progress. We are perusing the opportunity with Newsboys to financially support one organisation whilst SVPM financially supports one and provides capability to both. This will be a great opportunity for partners to be involved from the ground up.

Any partners interested in contributing should contact melissa.grenville@gmail.com

The final step prior to taking a recommendation to the SVP Board, is a structured joint evaluation of their capabilities and capacities, using our organisational capacity assessment tool (OCAT).

Congratulations to both organisations on their professionalism demonstrated at the presentation evening, and we look forward to continuing to extend SVP Melbourne’s contribution to the non-profit sector.

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