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2017 Investee Applicant Pitches

Posted by darylbrooke

On 5th September three applicants made their pitch to our partners for selection as a 2017 SVP Melbourne investee. It is a comprehensive process and requires commitment from the applicant. On behalf of all SVP Melbourne partners I would like to thank the applicants for their efforts. We saw three great presentations that stimulated much […] Read More »

New ED Daryl Brooke

Posted by darylbrooke

I’m delighted to welcome Daryl to SVP Melbourne. Over the coming events you all have the opportunity to meet him and discuss what we all love about our partnership. Read More »

The Best of 2017

Posted by darylbrooke

Melbourne Investee Applications Update 2017 The Investment Committee short listed and met five applicants for our 2017 investee program. With our focus upon Children and Youth Development targeting the underprivileged and disadvantaged, the committee was very impressed with all applicants. 2017 will be a hard year to choose just one investee. Whilst all applicants are […] Read More »

Ordering a Cake and Restricting it Too

Posted by Vu Le

Two weeks ago I was out to lunch with a potential new corporate sponsor, who got very excited about a program we did a while ago, where we provided computer training classes in Vietnamese to parents so that they could learn to check their kids’ grades online through Seattle Public Schools’ Source program. Read More »

Why We Need More Women in the Boardroom

Posted by admin

In the 25 years I've worked as an international business coach, I've witnessed business leaders suffer from the same blind spot -- not enough women on their boards. Companies where at least 20 percent of seats in the boardroom are occupied by women deliver stronger business results. How could this success possibly be ignored and not acted upon? Read More »

If a Picture is Worth a Thousand Words…

Posted by admin

With music and videos clips, Dynamic Partners introduces us to the amazing kids and families they get to work with – celebrating what is, and committing to what can be! As a consortium of three nonprofit organizations and two social enterprises,Dynamic Partners empowers children with special needs, and their caregivers, through quality services, products, collaboration and innovation. Read More »