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Posted by darylbrooke

Melbourne Investee Applications Update 2017

The Investment Committee short listed and met five applicants for our 2017 investee program. With our focus upon Children and Youth Development targeting the underprivileged and disadvantaged, the committee was very impressed with all applicants. 2017 will be a hard year to choose just one investee. Whilst all applicants are keen to seek our funding, our ability to enhance capability and increase social impact are important factors for SVP. There are many ways in which you can become involved in the process of selecting of a new investee and helping.  I encourage you to talk to Wayne if you are interested.

Without any names for now,  let me briefly introduce a few organisations interviewed and what SVP partners could do to help their social impact grow:

  • Working in schools for kids that are different and need some special care. This organisation is experiencing exceptional growth. SVP partners can really help with leadership mentoring, guidance with operation systems and reaching out to business connections.
  • Using stories to reach indigenous kids and help them (and Australians) reconnect with their culture. This organisation need help articulating and imbedding their real potential to impact society. Strategic planning, increasing capacity and better using new business technologies are specifically needed.
  • A film production social enterprise and training organisation working with youth at extreme risk of homelessness. An organisation ready to step up to the next level the founder needs a CEO to run the enterprise day to day. It is time to split the creative leadership from business leadership and increase capacity.

All really exciting opportunities for partners wanting to use their skills to make a real difference. With enough partner support maybe we can help them all while only providing financial assistance to the one investee.

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