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New ED Daryl Brooke

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Executive Director Daryl Brooke

I’m delighted to welcome Daryl to SVP Melbourne. Over the coming events you all have the opportunity to meet him and discuss what we all love about our partnership. I’d like to let Daryl introduce himself so here is what he said to us applying for the ED position:

“In over 13 years as a business coach and consultant, I have audited, assessed, advised and guided many business owners, boards and community committees of management. Mostly regarding their future business model and goals and how to be the organisation that will achieve these goals. I use several proven business tools and facilitated programs to do this work and rely heavily upon my ability to build strong relationships and respect backed by a confidence in my methods and skills.

As a volunteer, I link deep into my community working on several committees for business associations, environmental sustainability, community events and local government. As a Bendigo Bank Community Bank® volunteer director I work with our community owned company and several communities regarding the financial sustainability of their community.

Below are a few examples of my achievements and experience:

  • As a consultant, I advise the network of Bendigo Bank Community Banks® on strategic planning, marketing planning and how they better share across their network.
  • I have successfully managed and led several community strengthening programs for Nillumbik Shire Council including a Black Saturday business renewal program and a Black Saturday memorial working group.
  • For over two years I held the Business Development Manager position with a not-for-profit community health service to help diversify their income. I was on the senior management team reporting to the CEO. During this time, we successfully sought philanthropic and government funding for various services and designed and started up social enterprises.
  • I have led the start-up and operation of membership based not-for profit organisations. This includes a business association and several community groups.
  • In my corporate career (pre-2004), I led the Southeast Asian operation of Eaton Fluid Power. I also held the Asia Pacific Marketing Managers position and several senior sales positions. During this time, I sat on the Asia Pacific executive team and was an internal auditor for the Malcolm Baldridge award, something like ISO9000 for large US corporations.”

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