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Here are some articles that have been published about SVP network members, our Investees and Fast Pitch alumni.  If you would like to run a story, would be delighted to assist by providing informaation to supplement the basics below.

Media Contact

Christine Margiotta, Executive Director

310-279-5029 | cmargiotta @ lasvp.org


If you would like to use any of our photos that you find on this site or to request a hi-res version of our logo, please contact us. You can also find more photos on Facebook.

Fast Facts

What We Do: Social Venture Partners builds powerful relationships among people and organizations that make our world a better place. We cultivate effective philanthropists, fund and strengthen nonprofits, and invest in collaborative solutions to social challenges.

Issues We Focus On:  SVP Los Angeles has worked in a variety of issue areas chosen based on community needs and our Partners’ interests. We have provided long-term support to individual nonprofits in the education, health, human services, and environmental arenas, and are most recently focusing on collective action initiatives to improve educational outcomes in East and South LA.  Click here for more information on the organizations we support.  Our Social Innovation Fast Pitch is open to nonprofits addressing any type of social issue in Los Angeles County.

History:  Social Venture Partners was founded in Los Angeles in 2004 as an affiliate of Social Venture Partners International.  We made our first grants in 2005, and created the Social Innovation Fast Pitch program in 2008.  The Fast Pitch has now been replicated by 8 other SVP affiliates in the US and Canada.

By the Numbers

75+ members

10+ nonprofits receiving long-term capacity building assistance and funding

100+ nonprofits supported through Social Innovation Fast Pitch

$600k and thousands of volunteer hours donated to nonprofits