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Are you winding down your career, but not quite ready to leave the workforce?  Would you like to use your skills and expertise to better our world? Discover your encore career.

Become An Encore Fellow

SVP’s Encore Fellows program is run in association with Encore.org, where individuals are exploring second acts for the greater good.  Typical Fellowships are approximately 1,000 hours over one year.  During that time, Fellows earn a stipend and explore a career that connects their passion with their day-to-day work.

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Host An Encore Fellow

Nonprofits are encouraged to host Encore Fellows.  These “work hosts” play a key role in the Encore program, creating opportunities for highly skilled professionals who have a desire to contribute and to learn through hands-on involvement.

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Sponsor An Encore Fellow

Sponsoring an Encore Fellow is a unique way to give back to your community by supporting nonprofits or engaging employees who are thinking about what’s next.  SVP Encore Fellow sponsors include corporations, member associations, foundations and other organizations and individuals engaged in community philanthropy.

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The Buzz on Encore Fellows

We are excited to share the following stories about SVP’s Encore Fellows: 

Meet the Encore Fellows: Melani Smith

Prior to a career in marketing for architecture and engineering firms, Melani Smith built and led vision-driven urban design and planning practices in Southern California, most recently in her nearly 12 years as Principal and President/CEO of Meléndrez in downtown Los Angeles. She is currently an Encore Gen2Gen Fellow at Playworks in Southern California, working as a part of that Non-Profit Leadership Team to ensure the long-term viability of inclusive, heal thy play at the southern California schools Playworks engages. Read More »

Meet the Encore Fellows: Mike Huntley

In this ongoing feature, you'll meet the Fellows who are contributing 1,000 hours over one year to a Los Angeles-area nonprofit organization. Read More »

Encore Fellowship Profile: OUR HOUSE Grief Support Center

Social Venture Partners has launched the Encore Fellowship’s program in LA in partnership with Encore.org. OUR HOUSE Grief Support Center and Encore Fellow Barbara Demming Lurie have been working together since July. Read More »

Meet the Encore Fellows: Barb Lurie

Q: What drew you to the Encore Fellows program? Barb: After I retired from the County, I quickly realized that I was a verb, not a noun. After that first rush of freedom when I was feeling like a dog off the leash, I began itching for something constructive to do with my time. Read More »

Encore Fellowships Program Launches in LA

SVP Los Angeles officially launched the Encore Fellowships program in June, in partnership with Encore.org. Read More »

Encore, Encore! Rod MacDow Leaves An Impression On Northwest Earth Institute

When I see a great performance I want to celebrate and share it. That’s how I feel after bringing on a retired Intel employee as an Encore Fellow to help us at the Northwest Earth Institute. Read More »

Jim Agin: Running the Numbers at Virginia Garcia

For most of his career Jim Agin was a Johnny Appleseed of the technology industry, an itinerant planting himself at a succession of technology companies. Eventually, though, he grew tired of the shifts and uncertainty in the tech industry, so he decided to make a career change and explore working for a nonprofit. Read More »

Encore Careers: Allowing Experienced Professional To Give Back

After a career that had spanned a few decades with large corporations including General Electric and Hewlett-Packard, Wendy Weissman, of Portland, Ore., had transitioned into semi-retirement by 2004. She had launched her own management consulting business, but Weissman knew there was more she could do to give back to her community. Read More »

If you’re looking for more, hear from Encore Fellows across the nation and keep up with the media buzz at Encore.org!