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SVPLA Accelerator Application

Great News!! SVP's Accelerator Program application is open!!!

The following questions will help us get to know you and your organization. We do not expect you to have all aspects of your program/initiative set in stone, and in fact we are eager to work with organizations that are open to expanding their perspective and growing their impact. We seek to understand how you approach your work and how you’re looking to grow as an organization and a leader.

To download a sample of this application please click: Sample Application

Please note - the application must be submitted online (below) for consideration by Wednesday, September 6th at 5pm (pst).


A. What social issue are you trying to address? Please describe the extent of the problem in Los Angeles (use data to support this description), your view on the cause(s) of the problem and why it has persisted, and how your organization arrived at this perspective. (250 words)


A. Describe the initiative within your organization that seeks to resolve this problem. See below for a visual from the team at the Equity Design Collaborative. Please describe at what level of intervention you hope to impact the problem: internalized/interpersonal, institutional, systemic, and/or ideological. How did you arrive at this approach? (500 words)

B. How do you define equity? How does your initiative approach creating systemic change and increasing equity in Los Angeles County? (250 words)

C. How do you measure success (e.g. data you capture, tools you use)? What are your results to date and what do you expect to accomplish over the next three years? (150 words)

D. Describe your leadership team (including yourself) and Board of Directors. What lived experiences make your team uniquely qualified to tackle this problem? (250 words)

E. If you are selected for the Accelerator, what is true of your organization/initiative after nine months in the program that is not true today? (150 words)

F. How many staff work full time on this initiative?

G. When did this initiative begin?

H. FOR THIS INITIATIVE: Current fiscal year (2017 or 2017-2018) expected revenue:

I. FOR THIS INITIATIVE: Current fiscal year (2017 or 2017-2018) expected expenses:



A. Organization Name

B. Website

C. Tax ID#

D. Address

E. Org Headquarters (City,State)

F. What year did your organization begin operating?

H. Mission Statement

I. What is your organization's primary issue area focus? (check one)

J. If primary issue area focus is 'other' please describe:

K. Total # of Full Time Employees

L. Total # of Part Time Employees

M. # of Full Time Employees in Los Angeles County

N. # of Part Time Employees in Los Angeles County

O. Organization current fiscal year (2017 or 2017-2018) expected revenue

P. Organization current fiscal year (2017 or 2017-2018) expected expenses


This is the individual who will participant on behalf of their organization in the Accelerator program. See Eligibility Information for additional information.

A. First Name

B. Last Name

C. # of Years with Organization:

D. # of Years in Current Position:

E. Daytime Phone number

F. Cell Phone number

G. Your Email (required)

H. What is your primary language?

I. Gender:

J. Race/Ethinicity (check all that apply):
 a. White/Caucasian b. Asian/Asian-American c. Black/African-American d. Latino e. Native American/Alaskan Native f. Native Hawaiian/Pacific Islander

K. Do you identify as LGBTQ+?

L. What is your age range?

M. Describe an instance where you received challenging feedback. How did you handle it? (150 words)

N. How do you hope to grow as a leader through participating in the Accelerator? If the participant is not the Executive Director/CEO, please explain why. (150 words)

O. Do you currently work on this project full time? (150 words)

P. If not, please share the barriers you are experiencing to working on it full time? (150 words)

Q. The goals of the Accelerator for nonprofit participants are to strengthen infrastructure, increase network relationships, amplify your voice and increase funding. What barriers do you currently experience in reaching those goals? (150 words)

R. Below are some workshop topics we are considering (please indicate which 5 topics would be most valuable to you and your organization)
(To select multiple topics, click topic while holding Ctrl key)

S. If other, please explain?

T. How did you hear about the Accelerator Program?

V. If you are not chosen to participate in the Accelerator this year, would you like to be considered for our Fast Pitch program, which runs January - March 2018?


After submitting this form, we will notify you by email when we have received your application and will let you know if you’ve been selected into the program by Friday, September 29, 2017. We may request participation in follow-up conversations/activities prior to our final selection.

If you have an questions regarding the application process, please contact: Sharon Stratton, Social Venture Partners |Email: sstratton@svpla.org | Phone: 310.305.1761