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Partner Q+A: Kaci Patterson

Posted by allisimon

Along with becoming a new Partner, we’re excited to welcome Kaci Patterson to the SVPLA Board of Directors! 

Kaci has worked in the nonprofit and philanthropic sectors for over 18 years. She began her career in the nonprofit sector while in college and soon developed a passion for advancing social justice through expanding educational, economic and political opportunity for people of color.

Q: In what ways do you hope to contribute to building a better Los Angeles?

Kaci: By advancing racial justice, economic opportunity and civic engagement in marginalized communities so their voice is heard and respected as a political force.

Q: What type of causes are you committed to?

Kaci: Philanthropy and grassroots community organizing for racial justice, economic opportunity, political and civic engagement.

Q: In work or your personal life, where do you feel you have made the biggest impact?

Kaci: In helping people and therefore organizations to become the best version of themselves; in advancing ideas and facilitating connections that actualize what we want to see done, but can’t quite figure out how to accomplish

Q: What are some of your hobbies?

Kaci: Dancing; carpool karaoke; live events (sports, concerts, plays); experiences that make memories; brunch!

Q: What do you hope to be remembered for one day?

Kaci: Excellence. For always striving to be the best version of myself and requiring the same of those around me.


To read more, check out Kaci’s bio.