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Introducing the Finalists Presenting at Social Innovation Fast Pitch 2017

Posted by ayaburgess

And the finalists are…

  • 2nd Call
    Shanae Polk, Program Director
    Coached by: John Buckingham and Alicia Lara
    2nd Call is a community based organization designed to save lives, by reducing violence and assisting in the personal development of high risk individuals, proven offenders and others who society disregards. Weekly classes inside prison walls help the inmate population with reentry, anger and life skills and also assist with gainful employment based on their own determination and commitment for success.
  • Big Brothers Big Sisters of Greater Los Angeles
    Tiffany Siart, President/CEO
    Coached by: Scott Jarus and Amber Ginsberg
    Big Brothers Big Sisters of Greater Los Angeles provides children facing adversity with strong and enduring, one-to-one mentoring relationships that change their lives for the better, forever. Many of the children in this program come from extremely challenging circumstances, yet they have enormous potential, and with the support of their mentors, they are beating the odds in BIG ways.
  • Big Citizen HUB
    Mario Fedelin, Executive Director
    Coached by: Ellen Padnos and George Bryson
    Big Citizen HUB is a little league for civic action; a place on Saturdays for young people to transform into Big Citizens. Focused on diversity, inclusion and leadership, Big Citizen HUB brings together a diverse group of young people from across Los Angeles, to learn a common civic language, engage in dialogue, and build community to investigate local and global challenges.
  • Exceptional Minds
    Ernie Merlan, Executive Director
    Coached by: Ellen Sloan and Lee Bailey
    Exceptional Minds provides individuals on the Autism Spectrum with customized instruction and hands on experience to earn a living in the fields of multi-media, computer animation and post production.
  • Food Finders
    Patti Larson, Executive Director
    Coached by: James Kennedy and Maura Rampolla
    Food Finders reduces hunger and food waste while improving nutrition in food insecure communities. It is a multi-regional food rescue organization that helps provide food to more than 300 agencies and shelters throughout Southern California.
  • Gladeo
    Michelle Cho, Co-Founder and Executive Director
    Coached by: Dan Neri and Robin Keefe
    Gladeo is dedicated to inspiring and helping young people discover, navigate and achieve their dream careers by creating innovative multimedia career content and distributing it online. We provide resources that help young people explore various career paths, and equip them with the tools necessary to succeed.
  • Math Leadership Corps
    Christine Soldner, Assistant Director
    Coached by: Debra Hockemeyer and Ayanna Lonian
    MLC partners with school districts to develop a systems approach to problem solving and leadership professional development with a shared goal of improving math teaching and student mathematical learning.
  • St. Anne’s
    Blythe Maling, Chief Development Officer
    Coached by: Alexa Margalith and David Kietzman
    St. Anne’s provides extended foster care and help to pregnant and parenting young women in the child welfare and juvenile justice systems. They nurture the safety, success and hope of parents and children, building strong families from the inside out.
  • TreePeople
    Cindy Montanez, CEO
    Coached by: Kate Rouze and Steve Burns
    TreePeople is an environmental nonprofit organization whose mission is to inspire, engage and support people to take personal responsibility for the urban environment, making it safe, healthy, fun and sustainable and to share our process as a model for the world. Our goal is to transform Los Angeles into a climate-resilient, water-secure model for the future that works equitably to protect people and our environment from the impacts of our new climate reality.
  • WeThrive
    Daquan Oliver, Executive Director
    Coached by: Evelyn Montes and Teo Alfero
    WeThrive engages undergraduates to lead youth from under-resourced communities in the creation of a business venture, mentoring them and teaching them critical life skills along the way. Year-round, youth create their own ventures, earning real revenues and learning essential life skills that will allow them to achieve their personal goals, definitions of success and ultimately socioeconomic mobility.

The semi-finalists exhibiting at the showcase are…

  • Arts for Incarcerated Youth Network
    Elida Ledesma, Program Associate
    Coached by: Betsy Densmore and Carolyn Rojo
    AIYN uses arts based programming and collaboration to support reintegration of youth who are in, or have exited, the juvenile justice system. By using arts as a resiliency building tool, AIYN seeks to redirect young people towards positive expression, and provide a platform for collective action and advocacy.
  • BUILD Los Angeles
    Matt Scelza, Regional Executive Director
    Coached by: Wendy Levin and Helen MacKinnon
    BUILD uses entrepreneurship to ignite the potential of youth from under-resourced communities and propel them to high school, college & career success. Students learn 21st-century skills like problem-solving, grit and collaboration while starting and operating their own small businesses.
  • Community Health Councils
    Veronica Flores, Chief Executive Officer
    Coached by: Joe LaPine and Brigette Loden
    Community Health Councils (CHC) is a community-based health policy and systems change organization. With a special focus on South Los Angeles, CHC engages the community in health and environmental policy advocacy initiatives, training, education on health issues, and enrollment into public health coverage programs.
  • Educators 4 Excellence, Inc.
    Ama Nyamekye, Founding Executive Director, Los Angeles
    Coached by: Kathleen Terry and John Childers
    Educators for Excellence provides opportunities for teachers to stay informed, expand their leadership, connect with colleagues and decision-makers, and advocate for change.
  • My School in Motion!
    Daisy Lalwani, Director of Development and Communications
    Coached by: Greg Cherry and Yesmean Rihbany
    My School In Motion! is a fun, innovative fitness-based physical education, nutrition and wellness program that gets the entire school moving at the beginning of every school day. It captures the power of movement, music, learning and community to ensure students live healthier, happier and smarter lives.
  • Ready to Succeed LA
    Romi Lassally, Executive Director
    Coached by: Roi Matalon and Joni Byun
    Ready to Succeed LA connects college students and graduates from the foster care system with what they need to start a successful career. They provide career-counseling services, professional skill development, access to a mentorship network and paid internships
    and jobs.
  • Southern California College Access Network
    Alison De Lucca, Executive Director
    Coached by: Jenisa Washington and Cristina Gallegos
    SoCal CAN is a network of more than 70 organizations working together to significantly increase the number of low-income students who access and complete postsecondary education.
  • Special Needs Network
    Tracy Yassini, Development Director
    Coached by: Eric Mark and Lisa Norton
    Special Needs Network raises public awareness of developmental disabilities and to impact public policy, while providing education and resources to families. SNN serves as a link between under-served communities and mainstream developmental disability organizations and governmental institutions.
  • STEM Advantage
    Lee Ann Kline, President
    Coached by: Larry Stern and Linda Haley
    STEM Advantage mentors, prepares and inspires women in underserved communities to pursue careers in science, technology, engineering and math (STEM) through paid internships, mentorships and scholarships. This approach keeps promising women and underserved students on the path to a STEM career.


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