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Partner Q+A: Carolyn Rojo

Posted by allisimon

Meet Carolyn Rojo!

Carolyn became an SVP partner in 2016.  She was part of the partner team that co-created the Accelerator program.  She served as Co-Chair of the 2018 Social Innovation Fast Pitch, and she currently hosts the SVP Book Club.

Q: In what ways do you hope to contribute to building a better Los Angeles?

Carolyn: For starters, I am so excited about our Accelerator program and the five organizations in the first cohort. Supporting these amazing individuals and their organizations is one way I hope to contribute to building a better Los Angeles.

Q: What type of causes are you committed to?

Carolyn: So many causes — it’s hard to choose! These days I am focused on being an engaged citizen and learning about as many issues as I can.

Q: In work or your personal life, where do you feel you have made the biggest impact?

Carolyn: I think I’ve made the biggest impact in my family life as a caring daughter, spouse, and mom.

Q: What are some of your hobbies?

Carolyn: I love to read. My office is across the street from the Central Library and I go there all the time. I have also recently begun playing the piano again.

Q: What do you hope to be remembered for one day?

Carolyn: Being a caring, thoughtful member of the human family. Being an engaged citizen. Being someone who matches action to values.

To read more, check out Carolyn’s bio.