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Investees 2017


Investee of SVP Pune

Anjuman-I-Islam was founded by a small group of devout and progressive Muslims to see the Muslim Community advance in education and social standing. It has more than 80 institutions from pre-primary schools to graduate and postgraduate level, catering to the needs of more than 1.10 lacs students from various communities under its umbrella. Anjuman-I-Islam provides several services and facilities to the society through various programmes and also manages 15 trusts.

Engagement: SVP Pune with Anjuman-I-Islam has launched the ‘Needle-women on call’ initiative. The initiative aims to train and employ women from the community as tailoring aids, alteration experts, or even for some to start their own small businesses.



Investee of SVP Delhi

The SVP Delhi Chapter has funded a livelihood project for Literacy India at Bhatti mines, 11 kms ahead of Chattarpur village in South Delhi. It’s a cut-off habitat with a population of about 50,000 people, living in abject poverty and mostly devoid of basic infrastructure that the state of Delhi provides. Most of the people here are migrants from Pakistan, and have no ID proofs, birth certificates etc. which makes access to education and jobs very hard. Young girls and women live in the shadows, while trying to make ends meet as the socio-cultural patriarchal environment makes it hard for women to go out of the community to make a living. Hence, there are 50,000 men, women and children who have little or no skills, education, identity and livelihood options compounded by the problems of patriarchy and conservatism.

Engagement: Literacy India has set up a centre in Bhatti Mines to train women in stitching, embroidery, appliqué and beauty services as a step towards gaining livelihood opportunities. The center is currently training 75 women, and we expect to train 150 women over the coming year and build market linkages so that these women can get sustainable employment or build a steady livelihood while staying at home.



Investee of SVP Mumbai

Srujna looks to aggregate, skill, make employable and find market linkages for women from underprivileged backgrounds to make them financially stable. They help manufacture several household and fashion items for sale.

Engagement: SVP is offering a capacity-building financial grant to make their services more scalable and effective.


VRUTTI (Business Accelerator Unit)

Investee of SVP Bangalore

Vrutti promotes livelihoods of disadvantaged groups by working with communities and development partners. Their programs include running Farmer Producers Organizations, Agriculture Enterprise Facilitation Centre, Child Focussed Community Development Program and Integrated Water Resources Management Program.

Engagement: In an additional grant to Vrutti (a 2015 investee),  SVP Bangalore is supporting creation of BAU (Business Accelerator Unit), which will impact incomes now for 2500 farmers in Chikkaballapur, Karnataka, with a longer-term impact on 12,500 farmers. BAUs will reach sustainability in 5 years based on the funding over 3 years. SVP will support creation of the BAU, supporting the BAU operations and providing common services from Vrutti to deliver value addition to farmers that are members of the BAU, ultimately leading to BAUs becoming self-sustaining.



Investee of SVP Bangalore

Established in 2000, Industree Foundation holistically tackles the root causes of poverty by creating an ownership based, organised creative manufacturing ecosystem for micro-entrepreneurs.

Engagement: SVP Bangalore has approved a grant for Rs. 1.08 crores over 3 years to Industree. The grant is to support soft skills training for Industree Foundation’s Value Added Apparel initiative in the Chennapatna area which will provide livelihood to about 1300 people – 1000 on embroidery work and 300 on tailoring. These people will work out of distributed set of 50 units (40 for embroidery and 10 for tailoring) along with 2-3 cutting and finishing units.
This is a pilot project under Industree Foundation’s “Creative Million” initiative where they intend to provide livelihood opportunities to a million artisans. It gels quite well with SVP’s Million Jobs Mission in terms of trying to provide livelihood opportunities at scale. This is also an interesting experiment in exploring ways to provide opportunities in rural areas without requiring migration to urban centres. This initiative will also explore ways to optimize and streamline ways to sustainably run a disaggregated set of units that need to work in sync to get maximum productivity.



Investee of SVP Bangalore

Engagement: Funding its neighbourhood transformation initiative that will map and fix 20 plus black spots in Bangalore through introduction of Drop-Box waste management system.



Investee of SVP Bangalore

Funding a community based project for setting up a wire recycling unit using ‘Trixie’- a simple, safe and cost-effective tool for stripping plastic from the copper wire.



Investee of SVP Delhi

Udayan Care is a public charitable trust started in 1994 to empower vulnerable children, women and youth. One of their initiatives – Udayan Care IT Centre – offers IT and vocational training skills through four courses: Diploma in Information Technology (DIT), Community Technology Skill Program (CTSP), Tally and Adobe Graphic Design. It has trained 11,000 people till date across 9 centres.

Engagement: SVP Delhi has collaborated with Udayan Care to set up an IT skill training centre. The project will aim to train 120 underprivileged youths across the year and at the end of the training ensure placement with BPOs, Ad agencies, shared services companies. The centre has a placement coordinator who will, with SVP support, ensure placement of most students and also provide feedback to ensure high quality training.