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Investees 2015


Investee of SVP Bangalore

LabourNet is a social enterprise that creates sustainable benefits for workers in the informal sector by offering them a platform to access services. LabourNet is supported by National Skill Development Corporation of India, besides other funding and knowledge partners. Read more>>

Engagement: LabourNet, with SVP’s support, is building capacity of new and potential women entrepreneurs by setting up self-sustaining micro enterprises near their homes. SVP is also working on a strategic transformation plan for and with LabourNet, encompassing operations, marketing and technology, to help them achieve their ambitious goals faster and better.



Investee of SVP Bangalore

MAYA is a Karnataka-based NGO working to create an empowered and equitable society that systemically addresses livelihood and education. They are strongly rooted for the personal and collective empowerment of the poor. Read more>>

Engagement: MAYA, with support from SVP, will tackle the dual challenges of preventive health care and livelihood creation in rural areas, through training women to become “health navigators”. The pilot in Chennapatna will create a new category of healthcare workers who can be the last mile for preventive and promotional health, and SVP and MAYA will together develop a sustainable model – financial and talent – to sustain health navigators’ income and growth.



Investee of SVP Bangalore

Vrutti promotes livelihoods of disadvantaged groups by working with communities and development partners. Their programs include running Farmer Producers Organizations, Agriculture Enterprise Facilitation Centre, Child Focussed Community Development Program and Integrated Water Resources Management Program. Read more>>

Engagement: SVP is working on a strategic transformation plan for and with Vrutti, to help them scale exponentially and create better livelihood impact for their farmer producers.



Investee of SVP Pune

Jagruti Seva Sanstha is a 18 year old non-profit based in Pune. ‘Jagruti’, as the name suggests, strives for ‘awakening’ of the underprivileged towards new knowledge, better skills, values and attitudes. Jagruti makes efforts to empower poor and needy with education, vocational training and healthcare with focus on women and children. MORE>>

Engagement: With various community need-based programs being run by Jagruti, it was the project of training High school dropouts to become ‘Arogya Saathis’ or Nurse Aides that appealed to SVP Pune Partners the most and the need was felt by Jagruti as well. SVP and Jagruti will be training and offering employment opportunities to 250 young men and women. MORE>>



Investee of SVP Pune

Initiatives in Development and Education for All (IDEA) Foundation is a non-profit voluntary organization registered under Society Registration Act & Bombay Public Trust Act in 2002 & 2007 respectively. It was conceptualized by a team of qualified and experienced social scientists and social workers, to deal with the problems in education and developmental issues of the marginalized people, realizing the need for adopting a holistic approach to minimize school dropout. Currently the organization is functioning from Maharashtra. IDEA’s initiatives are focused on the development of underprivileged children, youth and women. IDEA has been doing community drives in the urban slums of Pune and conducting various skill development programmes to enhance the employability of the beneficiaries. MORE>>

Engagement: SVP is engaging with IDEA on a first-of-its-kind pilot project of creating a cadre of ‘Home Chefs’. The project aims at providing culinary skills training to aspiring women who wish to upgrade themselves to being cooks as well as for those who wish to start a small scale entrepreneurial unit of their own. The three month programme devised by IDEA takes the student through cooking basics, nutrition facts, hygiene, stocking and kitchen management, besides exposure to various ingredients and methods used by various Indian communities. The trainers hail from the SNDT Women’s University who are also focusing on imparting the importance of child nutrition. MORE>>



Investee of SVP Pune

Helplife’s goal is to create better employment opportunities for women at the bottom of the pyramid and make available affordable, hygienic sanitation for them. MORE>>

Engagement: Happy Menses initiative aims to provide livelihood to underprivileged women by employing them in a sanitary pad manufacturing unit set up in a sustainable manner, and also produce low cost sanitary pads to these communities.



Investee of SVP Mumbai

Antarang Foundation works with socially excluded and economically disadvantaged youth, trains them in job readiness skills and places them in mainstream jobs based on their interests and abilities, thereby increasing their chances of succeeding in the organised work space. Through partner organisations on the field, Antarang recruits youth in the 17–24 years age group and puts them through the 3 month job readiness CareeReady program. They also run CareerAware, a five-day structured and intensive program that provides clarity of career direction and encourages the children to continue their education till they are 18 years of age. MORE>>

Engagement: Long term capability building initiatives across technology, team building, marketing and leadership development at Antarang.



Investee of SVP Mumbai

Bright Future connects Education to Employment by providing career guidance, life skills development, mentorship, internship and placement opportunities to children and youth from marginalized communities to transform their passion into gainful employment. MORE>>

Engagement: Support Human Resources including optimizing existing resources; creating new org structure; funding gaps, sustaining existing trainers; providing training & mentoring sessions.