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SVP Hyderabad

The SVP chapter in Hyderabad was launched in 2016. Still in its early stages, SVP Hyderabad is exploring grant and capacity building opportunities around three big themes: helping youth with disabilities; strengthening local, rural leadership to create livelihood opportunities in villages; and our most ambitious idea – to create our own, super Marrakesh in the 500 year Old City of Hyderabad, leveraging the old palaces and havelis and Hyderabad’s great reputation for food to create a large number of livelihoods in local tourism. SVP Hyderabad is chaired by Ajit Rangnekar, Director General, Research and Innovation Circle of Hyderabad (RICH).

Our Partners at SVP Hyderabad are:

Ajit Rangnekar
Khalil Ahmed
Mrinalini Shastry
Narendra Parchuri
Preeti and Ravi Khandelwal
RVS Ramakrishna
Salman Babukhan
Srini Raju
Suresh Challa
Suresh Rayadu Chitturi
Usha and Ram Kaundinya

For more information on SVP Hyderabad, contact Swati Agarwal at swatiagarwal@svpindia.in