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SVP International

SVP Delhi

The SVP Delhi chapter was launched in 2016. It has over 10 engaged partners and has made one key investment in the Livelihood space. SVP Delhi is chaired by Rajeev Bakshi, Managing Director of Metro Cash and Carry India and co-chaired by S Madhavan, former Partner at PwC.

Our partners in SVP Delhi are:

Vidyut Arte
N.I. Khan
Sanjay Jain
Partha Dattagupta
Sonny Iqbal
Sanjay Warke
Sharat Bansal
Harsh Lohit
Sujit and Venkat NP
Rajeev Bakshi
Salil Singhal
Joydeep Bhattacharya
Harshvardhan Chitale
Rumjhum Chatterjee
Ravinder Kumar

Our investee is:
Literacy India