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Million Jobs

SVP India’s Million Jobs Mission brings together a global consortium of best-in- class design, funding and implementation partners to create an ecosystem to empower 1 Million people with sustainable livelihoods in the country by 2022. The mission is enabled and supported by Tata Trusts.
The Million Jobs Mission has been designed to ‘scale excellence’ i.e. work with good organizations in the livelihood sector and help them scale by becoming their strategic thought partner, raise their ambition around impact, open doors to bigger donors and companies and bring expertise in areas like IT, board governance, process management and HR. SVP India Partners work very closely with the organization to help them improve in these areas and achieve scale.
We are supported by our consortium partners – representing foundations, corporates, impact investors, global multilateral agencies, consulting organizations, Government, and academia – who are actively engaged with these organizations and have made commitments of support – from access to funding, strategic inputs, leadership development, go-to- market connects and governance/Board support.
Through this Mission, SVP India and our consortium partners are working with 10-15 social organizations that have plans to create and/or improve a cumulative of 1,000,000+ sustainable livelihoods in the next five years, across diverse sectors.

Design Partners or Social Organizations that are part of the Million Jobs Mission:

1. DeAsra | Pune | Entrepreneurship
2. Head Held High Foundation | Bangalore | Skill Development
3. Industree | Bangalore | Crafts
4. Mann Deshi | Satara | Women Empowerment
5. NES | Pune | Skill Development
6. Pan IIT Alumni Reach for India | Mumbai, Chennai | Skill Development
7. Quest Alliance | Bangalore | Education
8. Rope Foundation | Chennai | Crafts
9. SEWA | Ahmedabad| Crafts
10. Swasti | Bangalore | Healthcare
11. The Nudge Foundation | Bangalore | Skill Development
12. Virohan| Delhi| Healthcare
13. Vrutti | Bangalore | Agriculture
14. Youth4Jobs | Hyderabad | Disability
For more details, send an email to millionjobs@svpindia.in