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Fellows are transitioning from midlife careers to encore careers, applying significant skills and experience to achieve sustained impact for social purpose organizations. They participate in paid, time-limited (six to 12 months), high-impact work assignments with nonprofit organizations or public agencies.

Elements of an SVP Encore Fellowship

  • High-impact work – Clearly defined, capacity-building work that advances the organization’s mission and impact.
  • Use of skills and experience – Application of professional skills and experience.
  • Compensation – Paid stipend for transitional and exploratory work experience.
  • Flexibility and structure – Flexibility and autonomy that takes into account both organizational needs and individual circumstances.
  • Fellowship length – A fellowship duration (part time for one year is recommended) that ensures time to achieve results for the nonprofit and to develop expertise in the social sector.
  • Learning – Integration of the work experience, peer networking, access to resources into a program that advances knowledge and enriches the experience.
  • Networking – Connections with other fellows and nonprofit leaders to share learning and increase access to encore career opportunities.
  • SVP Partnership – Partner status with Social Venture Partners in the Fellow’s community for the duration of the Fellowship assignment.

Selection Considerations
Fellows are identified, selected and matched through a process that includes the candidate and the nonprofit work host. Each fellow placement takes into consideration:

  • Area of expertise – Skills to advance the impact of the nonprofit.
  • Commitment – Demonstrated interest or previous involvement in nonprofit or community work.
  • Adaptability and readiness – Inclination for making the switch from the corporate to nonprofit sector.
  • Suitability and match – Strong fit between the fellow’s skills and his or her personal goals and the nonprofit’s mission, culture, organizational structure and staff.
  • Interest in an encore career – Strong interest in pursuing social purpose work beyond the Fellowship.