Other Communities We're In:

SVP International

These organizations are fighting to ensure that Denver’s most under-served communities have access to resources to fulfill their basic human needs, prepare their children to enter school ready to learn and take advantage of their education, and enable leaders in these communities to become successful entrepreneurs.

They are tackling some of our community’s most pressing issues in education, basic human needs, and economic opportunity. SVP is honored to be their accomplice.

Denver Urban Scholars

Agency Overview:  Denver Urban Scholars is dedicated to helping Denver students with the greatest need graduate [...] Read More »

Mile High Workshop

A 2017 Investee, Mile High Workshop is am employment and job training program for people facing barriers to work through manufacturing and production of handmade goods. Read More »

Street Fraternity

A 2017 Investee, Street Fraternity is a place for young men from the Denver Metro area, most of whom are former refugees, to be in community with one another, to build brotherhood, and experience personal growth. Read More »

Women's Bean Project

New Fall 2017 Investee, Women's Bean Project is a social enterprise that offers transitional employment to women in manufacturing designed to provide them with immediate income and support services related to employment, education around job readiness and life skills to help build them up to self-sufficiency, which in turn, enriches their communities by reducing chronic unemployment and dependence on assistance. Read More »

WINGS Foundation

New Fall 2017 Investee, WINGS Foundation provides services to adult survivors of childhood sexual abuse that serve to guide them along a path of healing. Read More »

Second Chance Center

New Fall 2017 Investee, SCC helps formerly incarcerated individuals transition back into the world as engaged and successful citizens. Read More »

Rocky Mountain MicroFinance Institute

New Fall 2017 Investee, RMMFI creates economic and social mobility by cultivating community entrepreneurs; helping curious people transform into serious business people through skill-building, mentoring and mirco-lending. Read More »

Metro Denver Homeless Initative

New Fall 2017 Investee, MDHI's mission is to implement a comprehensive homeless housing and service continuum-of-care system for the seven-county Denver Metro area, which is derived from a federal strategic plan on homelessness. Read More »

Inside The Orchestra

New Fall 2017 Investee, Inside The Orchestra brings orchestra music to young children in the Denver Metro community to cultivate music appreciation and enhance education through engaged, personal, hands-on experience with musical instruments within the orchestra setting. Read More »

Trips for Kids Denver Metro

A 2016 Investee, Trips for Kids Denver Metro empowers at-risk and disadvantaged youth, using the bicycle as a tool to foster positive life skills, healthy youth development, and sense of fun and adventure. Read More »


New 2016 Investee, RedLine, works to empower every person to create social change through art. Read More »