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The Dana Juett Residency


The Dana Juett Residency helps young professionals become philanthropic leaders. Created by SVP Dallas and the Sapphire Foundation, the program guides Residents through 9-months of hands-on learning and experience in philanthropy.

Residents can expect to:

  • Grow in character and vision
  • Deepen their understanding of systemic social issues
  • Develop expertise in creating sustainable, powerful social innovations
  • Gain rewarding first-hand experience in non-profit consulting
  • Learn directly from both for-profit and philanthropic leaders
  • Meet talented and generous professionals of all backgrounds

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Millennials are an exceptionally generous and creative generation. In the last year more than 84% of Millennials made a charitable donation and over 70% spent time volunteering. Millennials are already making an enormous impact on the world.

Unfortunately, many young professionals still feel excluded from participating in institutional philanthropy. This is largely the result of traditional philanthropy’s reliance on three resources that most people in their 20s don’t possess: substantial wealth, well-developed networks, and acute expertise.

Millennials shouldn’t have to wait for their later years to make substantial contributions to meaningful causes. We want Millennials to engage powerfully and effectively, right now.

Through guiding Millennials into the venture philanthropy model of giving the Dana Juett Residency will empower a new generation of social leaders. Venture philanthropy combines pro-bono consulting, leadership development, and sustainable financial investment to break down the barriers to giving while building the individual’s capacity for effective philanthropy.

The venture philanthropy model has been used by Social Venture Partners to empower new philanthropists for more than 30 years.



The Dana Juett Residency will primarily consist of eight sessions over several months starting the week of September 8th. Residents will also have the opportunity to attend numerous community events and SVP Dallas Partner-only events. The program culminates in the Residents going through the Social Venture Partners model of non-profit selection, consultation, and grant making.

  • Industry Leading Speakers
  • Hands-on Workshops
  • Engaging Community Events
  • Guided Non-Profit Consulting

The Dana Juett Residency’s curriculum focuses on 4 key areas of understanding:

Story Value

Individuals will be able to communicate their personal story clearly, understand how their story intertwines with a social good organization, and prepare organizations to better communicate their story in their communities.

Social Value

Individuals will be able to identify the value of initiatives, select key projects to enable value, and develop key marketing and finance strategies to gain momentum.

Sustaining Value

Individuals will be able to determine practical methods to maintain a growth path for selected initiatives with an emphasis on offering an accountable governance model and financial requirements to support continued growth.

Innovating Value

Individuals will engage design thinking skills and leadership capabilities to ensure creativity, future program relevance, and growth mindsets of social good organizations and their leaders.

  • Residents must be under the age of 30 when the program begins
  • Residents will be expected to make a monthly contribution to the program which will help finance grants made to non-profits selected by the Residents. This contribution will be determined individually by the Resident and should be a substantial, but sustainable amount.
  • Residents must be D/FW residents
  • Residents can expect to give 8-10 hours per month to the program
  • Residents must be able to attend at least one meeting per month


All applications are due by 5:00pm on Friday, August 4th. Late or incomplete applications will not be accepted.

Applicants will be notified of their acceptance during the week of August 25th. The Dana Juett Residency will hold its opening retreat September 8-9th. 

For questions or help, please contact Lauren Kelly, Operations Manager at SVP Dallas: lkelly@svpdallas.org



You can help the next generation of philanthropists get their start and honor the legacy of the late Dana Juett by making a gift to the Dana Juett Residency. Your contribution will help us open the Residency to more participants and provide more significant funding to other organizations through the program.

For more information or to make a pledge, please contact Tony Fleo, CEO of SVP Dallas: tfleo@svpdallas.org.