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P.A.L.S. for Healing & Misty Ramos Saviano

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Organization Bio

P.A.L.S. for Healing (Paper. Art Therapy. Letting Go. Self Actualization) nonprofit organization seeks to empower individuals and families who have suffered trauma or loss to not only regain their lives but achieve their highest human potential. We provide cutting edge trauma informed therapies for individuals and families including art therapy, EMDR and SITCAP. We also provide education and training for professionals and community helpers empowering them to advocate and help those who have suffered trauma and/or loss achieve optimal health.

Individuals can experience trauma from direct AND indirect exposure to an event(s) that leaves them with feelings of helplessness, terror and loss of safety. Some of these experiences can include divorce, having an incarcerated parent, being in the foster care system, rape, serving in the military, having a family member in the military, responding to crisis situations, domestic violence, bullying, childhood abuse and neglect, the death of a loved one and natural disasters.

Our services include individual, family and professionally led group sessions at one of our 3 locations in Beachwood, Independence and Westlake, as well as, in schools and community based organizations through numerous partnerships. All of our services are available to individuals and families regardless of their ability to pay and without mental health diagnosis inflation. Our loss support groups are professionally led, serving both adults and children in the family. These groups support families affected by military deployment, foster care and parental incarceration and substance use.

Presenter Bio

Misty Ramos Saviano, ATR, LPCC, EMDR, ACTP is the Founder and Executive Director of P.A.L.S. for Healing.  She has worked with families as an educator, art therapist and counselor for over seven years and saw a need to empower EVERYONE suffering from trauma and/or loss and their families regain their lives and achieve their highest human potential. Misty obtained her master’s degree in art therapy and counseling from Ursuline college, eye movement desensitization reprocessing (EMDR) training from the Humanitarian Assistance Program, advanced certified trauma practitioner certification (ACTP) from the National Institute of Trauma and Loss in Children and military sensitivity training through STAR Behavioral Health. She uses this extensive training to provide art therapy and counseling services to adults and children individually, curriculum design, respond to school and community crises, training locally and nationally  and facilitate workshops and support groups in addition to her executive director role.

Mrs. Ramos Saviano has used the knowledge she gained in the 12 week comprehensive business accelerator program of SEA Change to fortify P.A.L.S. for Healing’s organizational structure and support the organization’s rapid growth, thus impacting more children and families in Greater Cleveland. She has assembled and impressive team of certified clinical specialists who assist her in the provision of services to the youth and families in Cuyahoga County regardless of their ability to pay. She has developed strong partnerships with school and community individuals and organizations bringing education and healing to more Northeast Ohioans suffering from trauma and/or loss.

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