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Lindsay Erbaugh | There’s No Place Like Home

Posted by cleveland

By: Trevor Shaw, SVP Fellow

Lindsay Erbaugh spent three months living in a remote village in Madagascar. She wasn’t alone. Each night, she and five others crammed into a small room to sleep elbow-to-elbow on the floor. If they were lucky, a cool breeze might help keep the fleas at bay, but Lindsay already had reason to count her blessings. As the guest, her host-grandmother Nenybe insisted that she use the lone bed in the home — a bale of hay stacked in the driest corner.

Lindsay has a dozen stories like this. Always on the move, she has visited over twenty countries on five different continents. Her travels have taken her tango dancing in Argentina, volcano climbing in Guatemala, bungee jumping in South Africa, and white water rafting down the Zambezi River in Zimbabwe. An explorer at heart, Lindsay is always on the lookout for her next great adventure.

Born and raised in Hudson, Ohio, Lindsay didn’t wait long to get her first taste of travel. In a gap year before college, Lindsay went overseas to study at a charter school in Northern England. The lone American in a class of a hundred girls, Lindsay was endearingly referred to as “The Yank” by her friends and classmates.

Thereafter, Lindsay returned stateside to pursue her undergraduate degree at Denison University studying ethnomusicology. Armed with a degree that combined her interest in music and culture, Lindsay found herself drawn back to the UK to seek her Masters in Music Business Management at the University of Westminster in London.

After working in California and the Bahamas, Lindsay finds her travels have brought her back full circle to Northeast Ohio. Currently living in Tremont, she is the proud owner of a boutique consulting agency called Springboard CRM that provides services to her non profit and charter school clients built off the Salesforce platform.

Just because Lindsay has moved back to Ohio, don’t be fooled thinking she’s lost her sense of adventure. On any given weekend you might find her tracing the shores of Lake Erie on her standup paddle board, or see her zooming past on a city street skirting traffic on her bicycle.

After years of travel and living abroad, Lindsay is eager to discover ways that she can give back to the community here at home. As one of the newest members of SVP, Lindsay eagerly looks forward to using her skills to aid in social change and to put others first — a lesson she learned firsthand as she slept on the lone hay bed in a hut in Madagascar.