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The Measure of Success: Following the Process, Recognizing the Progress, Focusing on the Potential

“Impact is one area where SVP needs to continue to evolve.…It’s where we’re going to go, who we’re going to be,” shares SVP Partner Pete Punwani, reflecting on why he chose to not only participate in SVP’s Real-Time Strategic Planning (RTSP) process but also to become one of its Impact Subteam co-leads.

“Impact” was one of three overarching areas of focus that came out of the initial stages of SVP’s RTSP process, which began at the 2017 Fall Partner Meeting…

From Hong Kong to Ohio, SVP Partner Dominique Litmaath Connects Worlds One Question at a Time

“People know Hong Kong as this incredibly densely populated, bustling, cosmopolitan city, but we actually grew up 100 yards from the beach in a small fishing village—Stanley [now well known as a tourist destination and overcrowded market with designer knockoffs]…But when I was growing up, it was all noodle and vegetable stands and pigs running around loose.” SVP Partner Dominique Litmaath reminisces, “I had an incredible upbringing. At the time I thought it was the most normal thing in the world.”…

From Near Death to Thriving: A Case Study of Open Doors Academy’s Revival and Relationship with Social Venture Partners

Open Doors Academy (ODA) was founded out of a church basement in 2002 to provide after-school enrichment programs for at-risk youth. But the real underlying motivation was to help these families break the cycle of poverty.

Like most start-ups—for-profit and nonprofit alike—ODA experienced more than its share of both highs and lows in its early years…