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When Happily Ever After Comes to Town: Kids’ Book Bank Saves Books and Enriches Lives

Once upon a time (just two years ago), hundreds of thousands of children’s books were being shredded and disposed of rather than reaching the hands of children in need. Then a hero came to town and saved those books, and the love of reading spread ever more widely in the land of CLE. Kids’ Book Bank (KBB) and its more than 4,000 volunteers are the heroes of this story, having dispersed more than one million books to an estimated 95,000 children and families in the two years following their 2016 inception!

A Ticket to Self-Discovery: Effective Leadership Academy Helps Youth Launch Successful Life Journeys

The demands and distractions many children face in today’s world do not leave much room for a “journey of self-discovery.” That’s where SVP’s newest collaboration-only Investee Effective Leadership Academy (ELA) comes in; its programs serve as a veritable life-skill travel agency aiding students in their voyage of personal growth.

SVP Gets Real with Strategic Planning

It all began at the 2017 Fall Partner Meeting . . . getting real with our next foray into strategic planning. At that meeting, our executive director, Hilary Sparks-Roberts, asked the SVP International CEO Tim Schottman to give the SVP Cleveland Partners an introduction to Real-Time Strategic Planning (RTSP) and the rest, as they say, is history. Except it wasn’t history. It’s the future—the future of SVP and a forward-thinking approach to shaping it.