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Common Wealth Charlotte announces new Executive Director

Posted by susandaniel

Common Wealth Charlotte (CWC) recently announced a new Executive Director, Chuck Jones. The board is excited to have Chuck take on this new role and feels confident in his ability to help CWC continue to grow and expand their impact.  Chuck has been involved with CWC for over a year and has proven his effectiveness at serving our clients and leading the organization.

Click HERE to learn more about Chuck and the knowledgable staff at CWC.

The mission of Common Wealth Charlotte (CWC) is to empower Charlotte’s working poor to achieve financial stability through specialized financial education, access to traditional banking services, and small, low-interest emergency loans. Our curriculum is trauma-informed, meaning we take into account the severe anxiety and depression that results from living paycheck-to-paycheck and the effect of this trauma on the structure of the brain. Utilizing clinical brain research, we are providing financial life skills and emergency financial aid in a new, healthy and different way.

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