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Eligibility Criteria

Collaborative Solutions

Fast Pitch is designed for nonprofit organizations that address critical social issues with business rigor and the promise of sustainability in a new or innovative way. The program is designed to act as a catalyst in the launch of a new program or initiative for nonprofits at any phase, whether that is start-up, growth, or established.

Innovation Requirement

We define innovation as a unique value proposition that is clearly distinct from existing area organizations and/or services. A proposal that lacks an innovative initiative, program, or organizational mission cannot be considered for competition.

Impact Requirement

Preference will be given to organizations that empower the communities they serve by creating lasting, sustainable change. For example, while a proposal for a new and innovative service delivery method may be eligible for competition, one that also empowers communities through self-perpetuating outcomes is even stronger.

Geographic Requirement

Any applicant must operate — and have primary impact — in the Charleston, South Carolina area. This area is defined as the tri-country area: Charleston, Berkeley, and Dorchester Counties.

IRS Designation Requirement

Non-profits that have not yet received their 501c(3) designation from the IRS may still apply. However, before you present in the final competition and/or receive a grant, you will need to either have secured the designation, or secured a fiscal sponsor who has an appropriate IRS designation.

Grants cannot be provided to organizations that conduct any kind of lobbying as defined by a 501c(4) status.