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World-Class Foundations Supporting SVP For Partner Development

Posted by calgary

With generous grants from the Gates, Ford and Raikes Foundations, totaling $700,000, SVP International has been researching and creating a comprehensive, modular partner development curriculum. The goal is to allow all 40 SVP affiliates to efficiently provide educational and skill-building experiences for their partners in the areas most needed to be effective with investees and in the broader community.

Over the past six months, SVP International has worked with learning experts, Endurance Learning, to develop the foundational documents for the initiative. They are currently designing and piloting modules.

Philanthropy development is the core of SVP’s mission. Collectively, there are hundreds of stories of partners whose philanthropic journey has been significantly influenced by their experiences with SVP. Through this initiative, SVP hopes to continue to build momentum through engaging and educating our citizens. In turn, this will deepen the impact on organizations and communities; increase the number of well-equipped civic leaders who are engaged at the local, regional, national and international levels of philanthropy; and raise expectations for our philanthropic leaders.

The goal is to develop a suite of resources for SVP staff and partners for more than 30 competencies that use a variety of delivery mechanisms. These resources will draw from the existing resources in the network as well as other best-in-class resources from the sector.

SVP Calgary has requested to pilot the course on Non-Profit Fundamentals and Relationship Management, both of which will take place in early 2017.