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The Secrets of Being an SVP Lead Partner

Posted by calgary

Krista Poole, the CEO of CanLearn, recently shared her thoughts on their experience with SVP and Lead Partner, Thiloma Hofer.

“Lead partners are trusted advisors, words of wisdom at arms length, perspective, extra hands when you feel the water rising over your forehead…or is that sweat?

Lead partners are like energizer bunnies that pull out our creative ideas that turn into projects and they push and pull us across the finish line. You know that idea those ideas that sit to the side of your desk…done, done and done!

Lead partners are like air traffic control when we have been circling around the airport because we didn’t know how to land. They may not know how to land either, but they know someone who knows someone who does.

Lead partners pounce in like ninjas when you need them and fade away when you don’t, especially when it is time for the credit to roll out for a job well done.

SVP’s lead partners are the triple O sauce in the nonprofit hamburger.

Being the lead in a non-profit can be lonely and stressful work; sometimes you feel like you need to be the expert in everything. What can happen is that you become pretty good at everything, but our organizations require more, our clients and the community need us at our best. We have to be lean, resourceful, creative and highly adaptive, and this is hard to do while we are sometimes working hard just to keep the lights on and a roof over our operations. The impossible becomes possible with an SVP Partner at your side.

Thiloma has become my trusted advisor, my coach, my strategist. She is gentle, persistent, resourceful, patient and ambitious. She is fun and has built strong and trusting working relationships with our staff and Board. Thiloma is a great talent herself and has attracted talent to us. She helped us implement a CRM, introduce superior business processes in intake, hold a strategy session on our subsidy fund and new space, and is ready to launch a mini fast pitch program with our Board. I am used to people around me telling me to limit my projects, my ideas to something more manageable. Thiloma doesn’t, she just jumps in with both feet and helps me get the important stuff done, trusting that I have a strong understanding of the priorities.

Thanks Thiloma and to all of you who are SVP Partners, you are making a tremendous difference.”