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Two Wheel View Graduates from SVP

Posted by calgary

When SVP Calgary selected Two Wheel View (TWV) as their investee in 2012, it was still very much a project-by-project organization. After five years of financial support and professional guidance from SVP, Two Wheel View has grown by leaps and bounds.

‘We’ve gone from working with under 100 kids in 2012 to more than 660 at the end of 2016,” said Rick McFerrin, Founder and Executive Director of Two Wheel View Calgary. “We’ve grown from three to 19 staff, who are making a huge difference in the lives of kids here in Calgary. Becoming a SVP Investee in 2012 increased the legitimacy of our organization.   It offered us a level of credibility and gave us the confidence to grow our organization.

With SVP support, Two Wheel View has been able to:

  • Grow strategically
  • Establish human resource processes to manage a growing staff
  • Strengthen the Board of Directors; and
  • Maintain and expand the organizational culture.

They recently moved into a new office and bike workshop to house their larger staff, bikes and expanding community programs.

“Our programs here in Calgary are in strong demand,” McFerrin said. “We continue to demonstrate strong results in building resiliency in youth.”

Over the last five years, TWV has worked with three lead partners: Andy Williamson, Angie Oicle and Pam Rinehart These SVP partners have spent countless hours meeting with TWV, providing consultation and professional support, reporting back to SVP, and building lifelong relationships. Williamson has even joined Two Wheel View on a bike trip to Argentina in 2016. In addition to the Lead Partners, many other SVP Partners have donated their time and skill to work with Two Wheel View. All of these partners have been invaluable to the success of the relationship and the progress of TWV.

“It’s been an incredible experience to watch Two Wheel View grow from a grass roots organization to an organization that is expected to serve 1,000 kids in 2017 and have an operating budget of close to $1 million,” said Williamson. “They’ve secured funding (some multi-year) from multiple new sources over the course of our investment. We’ll miss them as an investee, but this won’t be the end of SVP’s relationship with them.”

In June, Two Wheel View graduated as an SVP investee, making room for the newest investee, Dare to Care. Learn more about Dare to Care here

This fall, McFerrin heads off on his year-long bike trip with his family, and Laura Istead will assume the role of Executive Director. Istead moves from her position as Communications and Marketing Director and has been fully immersed in TWV for the past number of years. SVP Calgary wishes them success and safe travels.