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SVP Calgary partners to select newest Investee

Posted by calgary

On June 1, 2017, SVP Calgary partners will get to use their membership vote to select their newest investee. Typically, the Investment Committee makes this decision, but this year we’ve opened it up to the entire partnership. Why are we doing this you ask?  Partner engagement is critical to the success of our organization and this is an excellent way for partners to use their vote. It also is a great opportunity for partners to get excited about the newest organization that we will partner with over the next three to five years.  We will hear directly from the finalists about why they want to be SVP’s next Investee. And we’ll also learn from our Investment Committee about their due diligence process and items to consider regarding both finalists.

The Investment Committee has been working hard for the past six months to set parameters, narrow down the list of potential candidates, review applications, and lastly, select our final two candidates.

Now is your chance to help choose the path for SVP Calgary for the next three to five years. If you’re deciding about whether to become an SVP Partner, join now and use your vote!