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SVP Calgary participates in pilot program

Posted by calgary

Last Fall, SVP International received approximately $750,000 in grants last year from the Raikes, Gates and Ford Foundation’s to develop a Philanthropy Development framework. We hosted two sessions in Calgary this March in our brand new office space.

Members of SVPi and Endurance Learning travelled to Calgary to meet our partners and facilitate training sessions.  SVP Calgary Partners had the opportunity to pilot two of the first three modules in the Philanthropy Development framework.  These modules will soon be available for our 3,200+ Partners in over 40 cities.

On March 9th, we worked through the SVP Values, Culture and Approach course where participants learned and reviewed the global network’s guiding principles and how these principles were integrated within their daily lives, how we interact with each other as Partners and with our Investees.  The principles are outlined here: http://www.socialventurepartners.org/what-we-do/

On March 11th, our Partners gathered for the Nonprofit Success Factors course.  With more than 15 Partners in attendance, it was a great opportunity for Partners to meet each other, catch up and learn along the way.   Did you know that the following three characteristics make a great nonprofit? 1) Effective Board of Directors, 2) High performing Leadership, and 3) Healthy culture.

This session provided some solid team exercises and the opportunity for a healthy dose of debate and feedback around the differences between for profit and nonprofits.

Thank you to many of our Partners who took time out of their busy schedules to meet SVPi and participate in the courses.

Did you know that Social Venture Partners is the largest international network of individual donors?  With more than 3,200 partners in 40 cities, SVP has an incredible network with which to build powerful relationships to tackle our community’s social challenges.