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SVP Boulder County cooperates with the national Encore Fellowship Network to place Encore Fellows sponsored by companies based in the United States.

Encore Fellowships help nonprofits strengthen their organizations and increase their impact. They also build the community of individuals who are knowledgeable, passionate about, and engaged in the social sector.

EFellowships Model

Program Components:

  • High Impact Work– Fellow will engage in a project of strategic nature that builds the nonprofit Work Host’s capacity
  • Work Hosts– Boulder County-based nonprofits that are sophisticated and sizable enough to provide a strategic project and successfully (both financially and operationally) support a Fellow
  • Encore Sponsors – U.S.-based businesses that have entered into agreements with Social Venture Partners to support Encore Fellows.
  • Fellow – A seasoned professional and current or former employee of the Encore Sponsor.
  • Fellow Compensation– Determined by the Encore Sponsor
  • Fellowship Duration– Six months to one year is typical
  • Fellow Time Commitment– 1000 hours
  • Skill Leverage– At least 20 years of experience with transferable skills

Want to learn more? Contact Spencer Downing.

SVP Boulder County’s Encore Fellowships program helps nonprofits increase their community impact and expands the pool of individuals who are knowledgeable, passionate about, and engaged in the social sector. Find answers to some frequently asked questions below.

Still have questions? Email spencer@svpbouldercounty.org.

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What is an “Encore Fellow?”

An “Encore Fellow” is a seasoned professional whose connection to a Encore Sponsor enables them to be supported in working with a local nonprofit. Usually, these are professionals who are leaving their for-profit careers, and their employers have agreed to sponsor their fellowship as part of that transition.

As the Encore Fellowships program operator, SVP matches a Fellow with a local Work Host. These nonprofits draw upon the Fellow’s professional expertise for a 1,000-hour project, typically completed in a six- to twelve-month assignment.

Encore Fellows apply their professional experience, often in fields such as management, human resources, finance, strategic planning, project and program management, information technology, and marketing, to make significant and lasting contributions to their host nonprofit.

What is a “Work Host?”

Encore “Work Hosts” are Boulder County nonprofit agencies, large and small, with a breadth and depth of missions and causes, serving a wide range of community constituents. Work Hosts must apply and are vetted to identify how well their needs suit a potential Fellow’s skills and experience.

What is an “Encore Sponsor?”

Encore Fellowships come with a stipend, paid by an Encore Fellowship “Sponsor.” Sponsors are for-profit companies, usually the employers of applicant Fellows, who choose to offer the opportunity for transitioning/retiring staff as a benefit to assist them in shifting out of their for-profit career.

What advantages do individuals experience when becoming an Encore Fellow?

When signing on as an Encore Fellow, individuals join the team at their Work Host, and are also welcomed as an SVP Partner, benefiting from SVP’s established culture of shared learning and opportunities for social and professional networking. Engaging with their Work Host, Encore Fellows use and develop their professional skills in a high-impact assignment. Fellowships come with a stipend – paid by the Sponsor – and Fellows are given SVP Partner status for the term of the Fellowship.

How do Work Host nonprofits benefit from hosting an Encore Fellow?

Work Hosts gain a significant infusion of talent, often unattainable at market rates, in an area of strategic importance to the organization’s development. Building the capacity and/or capability of the Work Host in a meaningful way,

What is the benefit to becoming an Encore Sponsor?

Encore Fellowships can be a meaningful and cost-effective way for a company to provide additional benefits to retiring and transitioning employees. Companies also use Encore Fellowship sponsorships as tangible demonstrations of their commitment to community and social responsibility.

I’m interested – what’s my next step?

If your company participates in the Encore Fellows program, and you would like to match your skills to the needs of a Boulder County nonprofit, please reach out to us and we’ll start the process. Contact Spencer Downing.