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SVP Boulder County Flood Response – October, 2013

Posted by olga

SVP Boulder County Board and staff met yesterday to determine SVP’s flood response focus.  A myriad of potentially well-suited opportunities were considered, among them making grants to community flood funds, coordinating rebuilding of nonprofits damaged by flooding, and assisting nonprofits with developing disaster plans, among others.

The SVP Board gave thought to more than ten potential flood response activities through the screens of SVP’s mission, core abilities, and Partner member intent.  A multi-pronged approach was outlined, with a primary focus on current and alumni investees, and a secondary focus on the Boulder County nonprofit community as a whole. The following is where they landed:

1. SVP expands already existing Opportunity Fund to provide Investees, current and alumni, with small flood-related grants.

SVP is re-allocating some budgeted dollars from other activities to the Opportunity Fund so we can provide small cash grants for recovery to Investees (current and alumni).  We welcome and encourage donations from Partners to the fund. Click here to make an online donation. Make sure to select SVP Boulder County in the designation field and write Opportunity Fund in the dedication field.

2. SVP to offer some Investees, current and alumni, flood-related pro bono consulting.

We’ve collected, and continue to identify a menu of opportunities for support SVP can offer all of our current and alumni Investees. (See “Flood Impact to Investees” for examples of potential consulting projects.) Stay tuned for specific opportunities to be announced this Fall.

3. SVP is creating an ad hoc committee to make recommendations to the Board of Directors on flood-related Investee cash grants and extra pro bono consulting.

We are looking for a committee chair and expect the group to begin convening in late October. Further structure and details will be determined in the next few weeks. Please contact Jennie Arbogash to express interest in serving on the ad hoc committee.

4. SVP to conduct an advocacy campaign for on-going support of local nonprofits.

SVP Calgary’s community experienced flooding recently and the impact to their nonprofit sector has been devastating.  SVP can assist in keeping Boulder County’s nonprofit safety structure front of mind for our community over the coming months. Partners and staff will create and execute a campaign to advocate for continued on-going support of local nonprofits, ensuring they do not lose their footing while folks are diverting dollars to the immediacy of flood relief.  Contact Olga Heifets to volunteer yourself for strategy and execution.

5. SVP will continue to serve as an information hub.

As we’ve done since the rains, SVP will continue to make connections among organizations and individuals working on different aspects of flood relief – be they local or national organizations; convey information to all stakeholders and the general public on how to give, where to give, where to get help, where to volunteer; and continue to collect information on how current and alumni investees are being impacted by the flood and flood relief efforts.

6. SVP to consider additional opportunities after completing strategic planning this Fall.

Additional opportunities have been considered, and we’ve opted to hold on those until after pausing to identifying our overall organizational compass through our previously scheduled strategic planning process. For example, SVP has been asked to assist nonprofits with developing disaster plans as the flood has highlighted a lack of readiness. In December or January, SVP will consider possible longer-term projects such as disaster planning, within the construct of our bigger picture as an organization.