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2014-2015 Areas of Focus Announced

Posted by olga
Partners voted (in person, or by proxy) and the following five were selected as SVP areas of focus for 2014-2015: Education, Health Care, Housing & Homelessness, Social Enterprise (as defined by SVP), and Youth Programming.

In mid-November, SVP Partners gathered together for their annual Fall business meeting. One of the agenda items included selection of focus areas for 2014-2015. Select members stood before the 50-some gathered attendees to pitch numerous options for consideration. Included were areas of need within Boulder County, and ranged from the more, to the less expected.

Partners voted (in person, or by proxy), and the following five were selected as SVP areas of focus for the next two years: Education, Health Care, Housing & Homelessness, Social Enterprise (as defined by SVP), and Youth Programming. Details on each are included below, and can also be found on our website for future reference.

AREA ONE: Education (including early child development)

Organizations supporting underserved communities and those working to close the achievement gap are encouraged to apply.   Services could include tutoring and mentoring programs, graduation promotion, entrepreneurship education, programs targeted at special education or gifted education students, programs that supplement public school offerings, teacher training, school funding advocacy, school readiness, early child development centers, or parenting education and support.  Priority will be given to organizations serving low-income children and their families or groups who struggle to get services within the public school system.

AREA TWO: Health Care

Organizations focused on preventative care and wellness programs, mental health, services not covered by insurance, or comprehensive healthcare are encouraged to apply. To be eligible, the majority of the population served must be either uninsured, qualify for reduced-rate or no-cost services due to financial need, or be otherwise underserved.  Due to the high costs of health care, financial need in this focus area has a broader definition than % of federal poverty level.

AREA THREE: Housing and Homelessness

Organizations focused on addressing the root causes of homelessness and housing inequalities, or serving low-income, housing deficient individuals are encouraged to apply.  To be eligible, a majority of those served must be homeless, housing deficient, or at-risk of homelessness due to co-related issues such as addiction, mental illness, or physical disability. Clients must be primarily low-income.

AREA FOUR: Social Enterprise*

* Please note that the purpose of the following definition is to provide guidance specific to SVP Boulder County and its social enterprise-related programming, not to define social enterprise in its entirety.

When making funding and program decisions, SVP Boulder County considers a social enterprise an entity that:

    • is a non-profit organization with a revenue-generating component that is directly related to the organization’s mission;
    • uses the revenue to directly address social needs through products or services and/or through the numbers of disadvantaged people they employ;
    • has potential for a diverse set of revenue sources, with earned income contributing a significant percentage, thus reducing reliance on philanthropy, foundations, and public funding;
    • incorporates, or has potential to incorporate, innovation, planning, efficiency, discipline, and solid business practices, along with a passion for the enterprise’s social mission, in running the organization; and
    • results in a blended return on investment, combining positive social and financial outcomes.

AREA FIVE: Youth Programming

Organizations focused on offering programs that engage youth of middle and high school age in safe and constructive activities, supporting them in the process of healthy decision-making as they transition from childhood to adulthood, are encouraged to apply.  Priority will be given to organizations whose services or activities are made available to the Latino community.

Any organizations that fall into the above described areas of focus are invited to join one of three upcoming Investment Information Sessions to learn more about SVP, and the cash and pro-bono consulting investments we make. Additional details on the sessions can be found here.