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New Invested Leaders cohort kicks off: “peer learning creates connections”

Posted by jennie

“Peer learning creates connections that you don’t get from traditional educational opportunities. It’s a lot easier for me to hear and learn from what everyone has to offer – in terms of their knowledge, skills, experiences and passion for their work – than sitting in a classroom." says Hayden Dansky of Boulder Food Rescue. Read More »

Partner Reflections on the SVP Global Summit: Amy Maranowicz

Posted by jennie

“The conference was an incredible time release of knowledge, insight and reflection. All told, the sessions offered were really about networking, and organizing and mobilizing networks," says Amy Maranowicz, SVP Partner. Read More »

Boards with Brains: professional development series highlights core elements of effective nonprofit boards

Posted by jennie

“SVP Boulder County serves a very valuable purpose, and its highly credible Boards with Brains series is key to that purpose," says local nonprofit board member Raj Rawat, a passionate education advocate. Read More »

Partner Reflections on the SVP Global Summit: Clyde McKenzie

Posted by jennie

I was a second-year SVP Partner and a first-time attendee at this year’s SVP Global Summit, May 1-3. I arrived in Vancouver, British Columbia, with few preconceived notions, although I hoped to experience SVP fully extended... Breadth? Check. Depth? Check. Read More »

Partner Reflections on the SVP Global Summit: Three Takeaways

Posted by jennie

As a new board member for SVP Boulder County, I was excited to travel to Vancouver, British Columbia, for the SVP Global Summit – an international gathering of more than 300 individuals representing a global network of SVP staff, corporate and nonprofit partners. In reflecting on the Summit, there were three main takeaways. Read More »

Hot Press – SVP’s New Catapult Investment Hits the Front Page

Posted by jennie
LONGMONT, CO - MAY 28: Longmont Community Justice Partnership executive director Kathleen McGoey, right, listens as Social Venture Partners of Boulder County CEO Jennie Arbogash leads a meeting at the LCJP offices May 28, 2019. (Photo by Lewis Geyer/Staff Photographer)

***McGoey CQ***

“We’re poised to go to the next level, and SVP will help us get there sooner rather than later.” Read More »

SVP Global Summit 2019: reflections on “centering” marginalized communities

Posted by jennie

I’m convinced that centering those who have lacked opportunity, who have experienced ‘isms’, who have been marginalized is crucial to doing better and to avoiding harm. So... Read More »