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SVP Partners direct the mission, vision, innovation and policies of SVP Boulder County through a representative Board of Directors. The board is elected to terms and oversees the work of the CEO. Partners share in leading the organization by volunteering on the Board, on committees, and as project and program volunteers.

SVP Boulder County Staff

Stronger nonprofits for Boulder County

Mary Swanson, Senior Program Officer

Born in New Mexico but raised in the Wisconsin, Mary is excited to be back in the vast open spaces of mountains [...] Read More »

Stronger nonprofits for Boulder County

Jennie Arbogash, CEO, Ex-Officio Member of the Board

A Mid-Western girl with an edge and all the answers, Jennie has worked in the nonprofit sector for almost two [...] Read More »

Stronger nonprofits for Boulder County

Shannon Sackmann, Chief Relationship Officer

As Membership Director, the leadership experience, integrity, and passion Shannon Sackmann brings to SVP’s work facilitates a high-quality, engaged, and impactful experience for our Partners while contributing to the organization’s financial sustainability. Read More »


SVP Boulder County Board of Directors

Stronger nonprofits for Boulder County

Amy Ogilvie, Member At-Large

Amy Ogilvie graduated from the University of Colorado with a Master’s Degree in Education with concentrations in [...] Read More »

Stronger nonprofits for Boulder County

Stephanie Wilson, Member At-Large

Whatever the sector, Stephanie Wilson is adept at helping leaders identify, redesign, and adopt processes that’ll [...] Read More »

Stronger nonprofits for Boulder County

Jeanette Marquess, Member At-Large

Jeanette Marquess is currently a business consultant with over twenty years of diverse healthcare experience, both [...] Read More »

Stronger nonprofits for Boulder County

Amy Maranowicz, Member At-Large  

For over 18 years, Amy has been consulting and advising managers on Leadership Development, Organizational [...] Read More »

Stronger nonprofits for Boulder County

Dennis Berry, Member At-Large

Dennis Berry had a long career in administration at the University of Colorado, and later with the State of [...] Read More »

Stronger nonprofits for Boulder County

Erik Bernstein, Secretary

Erik P. Bernstein has worked in the non-profit sector for over 30 years as a consultant, manager, staff member, [...] Read More »

Stronger nonprofits for Boulder County

John McCorvie, Member At-Large

John McCorvie has worked with SVP since 2006 and continues to be energized by the many opportunities to learn and [...] Read More »

Stronger nonprofits for Boulder County

Randi Grassgreen, Treasurer

Randi Grassgreen, Esq., is the Director of Family Wealth Planning with Crestone Capital Advisors, LLC and an [...] Read More »

Stronger nonprofits for Boulder County

Deborah Malden, Vice Chair

Deborah Malden currently serves as the Arts Liaison and Advisor to The Boulder Chamber, as a Council Member and [...] Read More »

Stronger nonprofits for Boulder County

Ruth Henderson, Member At-Large

Ruth visited Boulder over two decades ago with her husband, Bruce, and like scads of others, said to themselves, [...] Read More »

Stronger nonprofits for Boulder County

Peter Spear, Chair

Peter Spear has led a distinguished career in academia that includes time spent at Rutgers University, Yale, [...] Read More »


SVP Partners are intentional in their choice of SVP – and once we’re vetted, that can mean sitting back and watching their dollars amplified when pooled with the donations of others, or getting in the weeds and giving time and know-how to SVP’s nonprofit clients.

Individuals and families are welcome to join, and businesses or foundations are invited to sponsor up to two staff members to represent them.

SVP Boulder County’s current Partners include:

  • Rebecca & Rob Alderfer
  • 2016June - SVP Corporate Partner logosAmy Batchelor & Brad Feld
  • David Bachrach
  • Bank of the West, represented by Steve Starzec and Heather Loeb
  • Christy Bergman
  • Erik Bernstein, Board Secretary
  • Dennis Berry, Board Member
  • Jeff Blattner
  • Triple Threat Digital, represented by Bruce Borowsky
  • Mark Bouzek & Deb Parks
  • Tom Briggs
  • Hal & Lynn Brown
  • Linda Brotman-Evans
  • Sue Brundege
  • Patricia Burgess
  • Dan Catlin & Robin Catlin
  • Kay Clagett
  • Mary Cobb
  • M’Lyn Corzatt & Klye Schultz
  • Roland Evans
  • Molly Ganley
  • Jodi Grossman
  • Randi Grassgreen, Board Treasurer & Tim Rohrer
  • Ellen Greenhouse & Lester Wall
  • Ruth Henderson, Board Member & Bruce Henderson
  • Bruce Holland & Dianne Ladd
  • Gary Jacobs
  • Vicky Johns
  • Keith & Ali Kegley
  • Kingsbery, Johnson & Love, LLP, represented by Jonathan Lehmann
  • Ellen Kirk
  • Evelyn Logan
  • Deborah Malden, Board Vice Chair & Michael Donovan
  • Amy Maranowicz, Board Member
  • Jeanette Marquess, Board Member
  • Clyde McKenzie
  • Mary Merritt Wolf
  • Peak Asset Management, represented by Bob Cutler & John McCorvie, Board Member
  • Kay & Roger Paine
  • Ryan Hines Patterson
  • Shawna Peterson
  • Walt & Linda Pounds
  • Carolyn Powell
  • Ranelle Randles
  • Paul Roberts
  • Peter Spear, Board Chair + Laurie Hathorn
  • Hope Tuck
  • Ed Victor
  • Nia Wassink
  • Tim + Bobbie Watson
  • Stephanie Wilson, Board Member
  • Jeremy Yazinski & Betsy Holmes
  • Jennie Arbogash, CEO

SVP Supporters give financial and in-kind donations or volunteer to further SVP’s work to build relationships between donors, volunteers and organizations that are out to change our world.

Current Financial Donors*

  • Cable Television Labs
  • Claire Clurman
  • Community First Foundation
  • Michael Gehard
  • Laurie Hathorn
  • Rich Hoops
  • Spencer King
  • Amy Ogilvie
  • Michelle Orge
  • Qualcomm
  • Edmund & Eleanor Quick Foundation
  • RES Americas
  • Shannon + Andy Sackmann
  • Lee Shanis
  • Elizabeth Stands
  • Watson + Associates

Current In-Kind Donors

  • Boulder Daily Camera
  • People Productions
  • Triple Threat Digital


  • Judith Brush

*List only includes donors beyond SVP Partner members.