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The SVP Model

SVP helps strengthen Boulder County nonprofits while evolving individual engagement in philanthropy. Our “engaged philanthropy” model means volunteers are leveraged in a powerful way; tapping into the expertise of our members, SVP’s investments of time, talent and treasure create mighty changes inside the client nonprofits we serve.

The crux of SVP’s engaged philanthropy model hinges on the belief that everyone has something to contribute. Our “Partners” expect more from their volunteer engagements – they’re members, donors and volunteers wrapped up in one. SVP leverages these Boulder County philanthropists, making accessible a powerful brain trust of our community’s sharpest professionals, educators, business owners, entrepreneurs, community leaders and others in high-skill volunteer assignments with area nonprofits.

Mutually beneficial, we increase nonprofit capacity to do better while evolving the sophistication and engagement of our members (“Partners”). Nonprofits win when they have the power of a community behind their mission. Nonprofits, Partners, and SVP team together to affect change in a powerful, amplified way none could do on their own. Members, get the opportunity to expand their professional networks, and evolve in their sophistication with philanthropy.

Hyper-local in our focus, SVP Boulder County is part of a global network of organizations leveraging the SVP venture philanthropy model. Use the map navigation at the top-right corner of this page to see where other SVPs exist (in over 40+ communities spanning 9 countries globally!). Hear SVP voices from around the world in this video: