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What is SVP? Social Venture Partners Boulder County is an accelerator for established nonprofits, helping move organizations to be their best.

We believe strong nonprofits deliver better results, and as such work in service of other Boulder County nonprofits to help them be more efficient, effective and sustainable over the long-haul. We do this by building the “capacity” of nonprofits – what it takes to be stronger, better and even more efficiently focused on mission than before – from the inside out, digging in alongside them to get there.

Our capacity building programming (including education, leadership support, and in-depth back office and programmatic consulting) bridges private sector professional and business best practice, with nonprofit community awareness and do-good instincts for greater impact.

Leveraging the power of our members, SVP helps strengthen Boulder County nonprofits by helping implement the strategies, structures and processes to move them to the next level. We’re proud to support the work these organizations do to make our shared community a better, more vibrant place.