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SVP Boulder County seeks new Partner members

Posted by jennie

You’re a life-long learner who cares about our community. Perhaps you’ve been thinking about getting more involved, expanding your knowledge, and applying your unique skills to strengthen local nonprofits.

If so, our spring membership campaign is an ideal opportunity for community-minded individuals and companies to learn more about our work to ensure we have a vibrant community where more people can thrive.

“We strengthen local nonprofits to be their best,” says CEO, Jennie Arbogash. “By leveraging the richly varied know-how of our Partner members, we help other Boulder County nonprofits be more efficient, effective, and sustainable over the long haul.”

At the same time, Partner member John McCorvie believes he’s gained as much as he’s received through SVP Boulder County, “I’ve come to understand the nonprofit sector in a much more intimate way and I’m much more strategic in how I give. Through SVP Boulder County, I’m able to consult with other nonprofits, and share experiences gleaned in the nonprofit world with others.”

“Our capacity building programming – from education and leadership support to hands-on, in-depth consulting – bridges proven business practices with nonprofit community awareness and a deep network of relationships for greater impact,” adds Arbogash. “We’re always looking for more good people to engage in our important work, and to ensure our own capacity to sustain our programming.”

To that end, from April through June, SVP Boulder County will host a series of social, informational, and educational events to introduce interested community members to its work, its far-reaching impact of its efforts and its richly diverse network of stakeholders. Those who are interested are also encouraged to browse SVP’s online, downloadable membership packet for more information.

Please join us!

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