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Working side by side, we bring good business practice to good causes. Facilitating impactful relationships, we increase the capacity and sustainability of nonprofits, while extending the impact of our members.

SVP’s programming includes a range of capacity building support for Boulder County’s nonprofit sector. From training and leadership support to deep-dive consulting, our offerings strengthen nonprofits from the inside out, so they can better deliver on their missions.

In addition to the core work we do with Boulder County nonprofits, SVP also turns a lens on our members, enhancing the understanding and sophistication of how these allies engage with and in the nonprofit sector. Nonprofit advocacy, evaluation of efforts, knowledge exchange and targeted cash grants in support of capacity work round out our engagement in the sector.

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    Now is the time to register for SVP's 2018 knowledge and skill-building programs on nonprofit management and governance proven practices. Read More »

    While many of us recognize there are areas of ourselves we could improve to be more effective in our work and life, knowing what to do to realize those improvements can feel overwhelming. How do I create a plan of action? What should be included? How do I start and continue the plan, and who is going to help me stick to it? Rachel and Amy have figured it out. Read More »

    As a learning organization, SVP Boulder County, as well as SVP International (SVPI), seeks to continually assess its progress and improve its performance. In the summer of 2017 (as happens every two years), SVPI and all SVP affiliates engaged their Partners to assess SVP’s progress and improve its performance. Read More »

    Featured Events

    Deadline for 2018 Invested Leaders Participants

    March 30 @ 5:00 pm

    Move from independent learning to mutual learning to advance your nonprofit leadership and management knowledge and skills. Interested nonprofit EDs/CEOs and board chairs/vice chairs are encouraged to register by March 30, 2018. Read More »

    BWB: “Finance 101- Show Me the Money”

    April 13 @ 9:00 am

    Every member of a nonprofit board has a fiduciary responsibility to that organization – this session will prepare board members to have an adequate understanding of financial statements, how to ask the right questions, identify possible problems and perform good oversight. We’ll discuss real-world situations that put organizations in serious trouble and how to look deeper for possible issues. A business case will be discussed in small groups to bring financial reporting and planning issues into practical perspective. Read More »