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Social Venture Partners Boulder County believes strong nonprofits deliver better results.

Working side by side, we bring good business practice to good causes. Facilitating impactful relationships, we increase the capacity and sustainability of nonprofits, while extending the impact of our members.


SVP’s programming includes a range of capacity building support for Boulder County’s nonprofit sector. From training and leadership support to deep-dive consulting, our offerings strengthen nonprofits from the inside out, so they can better deliver on their missions.

In addition to the core work we do with Boulder County nonprofits, SVP also turns a lens on our members, enhancing the understanding and sophistication of how these allies engage with and in the nonprofit sector. Nonprofit advocacy, evaluation of efforts, knowledge exchange and targeted cash grants in support of capacity work round out our engagement in the sector.

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    SVP seeks an Admin Assistant to serve as the organizational backbone in our efforts to strengthen local nonprofits and philanthropy. Read More »

    Meet wonderful Barb Truan, new SVP Partner. "My personal experience with SVP as the Interim Executive Director with Boulder County Care Connect brought me to SVP," she shares, continuing "I worked with Peter Spear and a number of other Partners and had such a great and rich experience I became interested in becoming a Partner." Learn how E=MC2 describes this bright addition to the SVP membership. Read More »

    Meet Steve Starzec, a new SVP Partner representing his business, Bank of the West. On finding his way to SVP. "I was involved with SVP about 10 years ago and really liked the organization since it assists so many non-profits. I took some time off and the Bank was looking to increase its involvement in the Boulder Community so I thought it would be great to rejoin." Read More »

    For fifty years, the mission of Attention Homes has been to, “Provide life-changing resources to youth in crisis.” Following their successful application and selection as an SVP Catapult Investee, the work together began. “The work together has been impactful...” notes Executive Director Claire Clurman, continuing, “Being an SVP Investee isn’t for the light-hearted – it’s certainly a commitment. The rewards are paid back so richly, I can’t imagine not having a relationship like this at this point. It’s been very fruitful.” Read More »

    Featured Events

    Face2Face: How to Ask for the Big Gift

    August 12, 2016 8:30 am

    Fundraising isn’t actually about money. It’s about people who share values combining their resources to improve their communities. In this session, nonprofit board members and staff will learn the best techniques for inviting donors to support their organizations, while fulfilling their own vision for a better world! Read session description & register to attend here: http://2016face2face.eventbrite.com

    Find other 2016 topics in the series on this page.

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    Structured for Success

    September 30, 2016 11:30 am

    Who doesn’t want to walk out of committee or Board meetings feeling the time was well-spent and progress made? Join SVP for this session that will focus on tools, evaluative techniques and meeting structures to help nonprofit teams get to action around their desired meeting outcomes. Read full session description & register to attend here: http://2016structuredforsuccess.eventbrite.com

    Find other 2016 topics in the series on this page.

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