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SVP International

Partnering innovative nonprofits with skilled professionals

Many promising nonprofits have sound service models and exciting new ideas, but often not the time, resources, or expertise to expand their model or increase the number of clients with whom they work.  Many individuals have skills in marketing or financial or talent management and want to use those skills in a more meaningful way, but are not sure how to go about it.

This is why SVP was founded: to connect the valuable business counsel of our Partners with promising nonprofits – allowing each to have a greater impact than they could alone.

Our Grantees improve human resources policies, financial management, board governance…all the behind-the-scenes work that, when optimized, allows them to fulfill their mission more effectively.

The nonprofits we support are changing lives.

They are working to close the opportunity gap in the greater Boston community. Our nonprofit partners deliver solutions that address inequitable access to resources and opportunity, including basic needs, education, and employment.

In the last year alone, our Grantees served 25,000 kids and families through diverse programs, from one-on-one mentorship to an array of wrap-around services that help keep kids in school.

SVP’s job?  To help our Grantees serve more individuals, provide more effective programs, and make an even greater impact by remembering one simple rule…

Stronger nonprofits deliver better results.

Seems obvious, right?  You’d be surprised how often the health of a nonprofit gets overlooked.  Things like sound financial systems and up-to-date technology are not typical rallying cries, but they can mean the difference between reaching 100,000 and 1.5 million individuals. That’s why we do what we do.

Nonprofits benefit from SVP’s model.

Since 2002, SVP Partners have given well over $1 million and thousands of volunteer hours to 20 Boston area nonprofits.  In the last fiscal year alone, SVP Boston turned $1 of grant funding into $3 of total support:

  • $185k in unrestricted grants
  • $120k in additional donations from individual Partners
  • $250k in volunteer time* from SVP Partners

Totaling $555k in nonprofit support

The financial support grows even more when we add the funds we have helped bring to our Grantees. Many Boston area funders tell us that our engagement was a major factor in their decisions to award grants to our Grantees.

*The value was calculated using a uniform rate of $150 per hour.