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SVP Origin Story

It was 1994, and Paul Brainerd was out of a job. He had just sold his software company, Aldus Corporation, to Adobe. PageMaker, the desktop publishing program his company created, had revolutionized printing and publishing—and left him an unexpected millionaire. Read More »

Families First: Increasing Efficiency and Clarity Through a New Business Plan

When Families First began our engagement with SVP in 2015, we were running many programs and serving a wide range of clients. One of the first activities we pursued with the team of SVP partners was an in-depth analysis of our programs’ cost and impact, coupled with a landscape analysis. The goal was to determine our greatest strengths as an organization and the area of greatest need for our services in the community. Read More »

Learning by Doing: Sumayya Essack's SVP Story

I was interested in getting more involved in the nonprofit space, and joining SVP seemed like a great opportunity for me to both better understand and contribute to the sector. There are so many innovative organizations doing great work across the city, but volunteers rarely have the chance to get behind the scenes and tackle big projects. I knew that joining SVP would give me more of an insider’s look into a group of nonprofit organizations beyond a traditional volunteer role. Read More »

Bottom Line's Justin Strasburger on Sustainable Growth and Building a Roadmap for the Future

In 2014, Bottom Line - Massachusetts was in the midst of an aggressive five-year growth campaign, and we were at a critical inflection point. Over the last three years, we’ve experienced 50% growth, both in the number of students we serve and our staff size. While the growth is significant, what I valued most about our time with SVP was the focus on adding true organizational capacity and expertise. Read More »

Silver Lining Mentoring: Looking Back and Moving Forward

Early on, I had a sense of what our SVP engagement would look like, but I never would have guessed how valuable it would actually become. SVP gave us access to a team of volunteers who brought a tremendous amount of expertise and business acumen from their varied professional backgrounds to our work. Read More »

Five Years On: A Conversation with InnerCity Weightlifting's Jon Feinman and SVP Partner Bill Eaton

Earlier this month, we caught up with SVP Partner and InnerCity Weightlifting board member Bill Eaton and InnerCity Weightlifting’s Executive Director and Founder Jon Feinman (SVP Grantee in 2012-2015). It’s been five years since InnerCity Weightlifting started their three-year engagement with SVP, and the organization has come a long way. Read on to learn more about Bill’s involvement with both SVP and ICW, and to hear from Jon about ICW’s amazing growth and plans for expansion. Read More »

Corporate Supporter Spotlight: CRA's Monica Noether

At CRA, we’re smart people who solve complicated problems. We know there are many opportunities to get involved, but we don’t always know how to find them. Our partnership with SVP gives us a structured way to identify opportunities to offer our skills in meaningful ways, and SVP has helped us leverage our team’s skills beyond the one-off, ad hoc opportunities. Read More »

Giving and Growing: Vinay Ramprasad's SVP Story

I joined SVP in August 2016, after I moved from New York City to Boston. Before I left New York, I researched a number of different Boston-area organizations to learn about ways to get involved in the local Boston community. SVP’s unique model really stuck out to me. The skills-oriented nature of SVP’s volunteer work drew me in, and it seemed like an interesting way to learn about a wide range of nonprofits. Read More »

Judy Obermayer: a Veteran Partner's Perspective

My involvement with SVP has fluctuated over the years. There have been periods that I have been very involved with a specific Grantee for a number of months or years, and at other times, I have been busy with other commitments and unable to play such an active role. SVP’s model allows for that flexibility. Read More »

Catching Up with SVP Grantee My Life My Choice

In the spring, we checked in with Partners Rich Croak and Steve Kenney to discuss their work on the Tiger Team for SVP Grantee My Life My Choice (MLMC). Since that time, Rich transitioned into the Lead Partner role for MLMC, where he is currently leading a team of Partners through the first year of our three-year engagement. Read More »

Jessica Lutzker: a New Partner's Perspective

"The experience of being on SVP Boston's Investment Committee has helped me look at nonprofits in a way that I never had before, even as a donor. As I consider new organizations, this process has helped me think about the questions to ask beyond the program, like digging into the financials and the performance metrics and evaluation of an organization." Read More »

Launching SVP's Newest Grantee with a Roar

Two of My Life My Choice’s Tiger Team members, Rich Croak and Steve Kenney, chatted with us about the team’s work over the last few months. Much like the proverb that says, “there’s no off switch on a tiger,” there’s no off switch on our SVP Tiger Team either – making great progress in a few short months. Read More »

Make Your Giving Matter

Our money and time are precious, especially during the holidays. Here are some tips to take the guess work and frenzy out of charitable giving and make your giving matter. Read More »

Darcy Madden, SVP Boston's New Executive Director

Darcy Madden, SVP Boston's new Executive Director, talks about why she joined SVP (the mission and the growth opportunities), what she loves about it so far (the people), and what she's excited to be doing during her first months (lots of listening and learning). Read More »

Bottom Line Has Another Banner Year

SVP Grantee Bottom Line Massachusetts has much to celebrate, provided more than 2,600 students with one-on-one guidance and support from the beginning of the college application process through college graduation during this past academic year. Read More »

Compass Working Capital's True North

“SVP provides value-add consulting and technical expertise, giving us access to great minds with amazing backgrounds and bench strength at a critical moment of growth. You don’t get access to that kind of talent without a partner like SVP.” Read More »

Margi Olson: SVP in Two Continents

"One of the things I love about SVP is the new friends. At this stage in life, it’s harder to make new friends. SVP is quite special in that way." Read More »

Silver Lining Mentoring Takes Flight

"SVP is such a different model than anything I’ve ever seen. SVP is an extension of our staff team...not just consultants, not just volunteers, but people who are in the thick of it with us." Colby Swettberg, Silver Lining Mentoring Executive Director Read More »

Ted Lapres: a New Chapter

After just one year into retirement from Nypro, a company where Ted Lapres worked for 25 years and which he helmed the last seven, Ted has figured out a way to stay very busy with SVP Boston (lucky us!) and our grantee Bottom Line (lucky them!). Read More »

An MBA in Boston's Philanthropic Landscape

From joining the Investment and Recruitment Committees to conducting intensive grantee leadership trainings and now spearheading the Boston Debate League's volunteer project, Nancy has made her first year at SVP Boston a memorable (and beneficial) one for our grantees and Partners alike. Read More »

SVP: Part of His DNA

Larry Wallach may be reasonably new to the Boston area, but he is an SVP veteran. He started his SVP journey in Seattle and then helped launch a new chapter in Santa Barbara before settling in Greater Boston. SVP Boston is fortunate to have Larry bring years of experience to his role as a Board member, Portfolio Grant Committee Chair, and Recruitment Committee Chair. Read More »

A Jack of All-Trades

From Lead Partner to Investment Committee Chair to Board member, David Ferreira wasted no time in going from getting his feet wet to jumping right in to SVP Boston. Read More »

Nonprofit at a Crossroads

"Luckily, Boston Debate League was precisely the sort of organization SVP was looking to invest in: one that had the potential to make a large impact in Boston but needed more resources and guidance in order to do so.” Read More »

Give Better - Together

“I am grateful for everything I have learned from the non-profits I’ve helped out - perhaps the greatest lesson being how important sustained involvement is for success in any philanthropic endeavor.” Read More »