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Nonprofit Capacity Building

What Is Nonprofit Capacity Building? 

At SVP we define capacity building as the development of core skills, management practices, strategies, and systems to enhance an organization’s effectiveness, sustainability and ability to fulfill its mission.

What’s Our Approach?

#1 Offer Resources

To help build organizational capacity, we combine grant funding and highly skilled volunteers who provide strategic counsel in areas such as: general management, leadership development, strategic and business planning, marketing and communications, finance and revenue development, board development and governance, and human resource management, all with an eye towards growth, replication, and deepening impact.

#2 Listen

We recognize that nonprofit practitioners are the program experts, and we aim to complement that expertise by working in partnership with those organizations. Therefore, the first step is listening to what they need.

#3 Organizational Assessment

At the onset of our relationship with a new Grantee, a team of Partner volunteers works to identify substantive and core organizational development and capacity building areas by conducting an organizational assessment.

#4 Develop a Plan and Implement It

After the initial assessment, Grantees develop a work plan to define their goals and provide a roadmap for their partnership with SVP. From there, we match each Grantee with Partner volunteers who can help them reach those goals.

#5 Check On Progress

Each year our Grantees revisit their work plan and set new goals. They meet regularly with a Lead Partner from SVP who helps to manage volunteer projects and acts as an advocate and liaison for the organization. In partnership with each Grantee, SVP reviews work plan progress annually and helps identify ways to optimize the multiyear funding relationship.