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Giving and Growing: Vinay Ramprasad’s SVP Story

Posted by boston

For the second installment of our 15th anniversary profile series, we chatted with one of our newer Partners, Vinay Ramprasad. Read on to hear about Vinay’s first few months as an SVP Partner.

When and why did you join SVP Boston?

I joined SVP in August 2016, after I moved from New York City to Boston. Before I left New York, I researched a number of different Boston-area organizations to learn about ways to get involved in the local Boston community. SVP’s unique model really stuck out to me. The skills-oriented nature of SVP’s volunteer work drew me in, and it seemed like an interesting way to learn about a wide range of nonprofits. The flexibility of SVP’s model was also very appealing. As a working professional with a demanding career, I appreciate having opportunities to volunteer on my own time that fit into my schedule.

Tell us about your SVP experience. How have you been involved?

I participated on the Investment Committee last fall, which was a great introduction to SVP. It was a good opportunity to meet many different Partners while learning about a variety of nonprofit organizations through the Investment Committee’s due diligence process. I was impressed by how much time and energy everyone on the committee devoted to the entire process. It was clear that everyone did his or her homework before each meeting! We examined a broad array of data points – many of the same metrics you would look at to evaluate a business – to assess the applicant organizations and help inform our decisions. The level of due diligence and the dedication of the committee members really blew me away, and it was great when we came to a consensus.

While the Investment Committee was wrapping up at the end of the year, I also started working on a project for Bottom Line Massachusetts, one of our current Grantees. I worked with a group of Partners under the direction of Lead Partners Ted Lapres and Dan Ross to evaluate the efficacy of Bottom Line’s Community College pilot program. Dan did a great job of dividing and assigning tasks for us to complete on our own time, with team weekly meetings to recap our findings and discuss next steps. It was nice to get to meet other Partners while collaborating on a presentation to one of our Grantees.

What has been the best part of your SVP experience so far?

I have really enjoyed meeting some of my fellow Partners and learning from their vast experience, both in the social sector and in their professional careers. This was especially evident during my time on the Investment Committee – hearing from veteran Partners about lessons learned from prior grant cycles and Grantee engagements helped put the entire process in perspective for me. I’ve even been able to apply some of these insights to my own professional and personal life. Overall, SVP has been a great learning experience for me. I’m happy to have had the opportunity to experience SVP’s grant-making as well as the ongoing consulting work. It’s nice to see both sides of the organization in action.

What are you excited about for SVP’s future and our next 15 years?

It’s great to see how much excitement there is around continuing to grow and diversify SVP’s network of Partners. The Partners and staff are so dedicated to the work and are continually looking for ways to improve the organization. I’m especially excited about the prospect of getting more young professionals involved with SVP, and I look forward to helping make that happen. SVP’s approach is so unique, and I think it’s a powerful opportunity for young professionals to develop their own personal and professional skills while giving back to the community.


Some background on Vinay…

Vinay recently moved to Boston from New York City, where he spent two years working in investment banking at Evercore. He’s currently an Associate at Great Hill Partners, a private equity firm in Boston. Vinay graduated with a B.S. in Applied Economics and Management from Cornell University. When he moved to Boston last summer, Vinay made it a priority to get more involved in the local community. We’re grateful that he joined SVP and immediately jumped in as a member of our Fall 2016 Investment Committee!