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Boston Business Journal interview with Darcy Madden, SVP Boston Executive Director

Posted by boston

Darcy Madden, Executive Director of SVP Boston, was recently interviewed by the Boston Business Journal for their “Emerging Leaders” feature.

Interview Excerpt

What’s the state of the Boston nonprofit community, in terms of financial
health, effectiveness, and room to grow?

The word I would use to describe the nonprofit community here in Boston is “vibrant.” We have incredibly talented people throughout the city working to address a number of challenges. Innovation is everywhere. Effective solutions are being implemented in many places. But that said, there are 34,000 nonprofits in our state and 80 percent of them are very small. That means they’re operating with budgets of less than $500,000, which makes it very difficult for them to be sustainable and to deliver an impact at a large enough scale to really move the needle.

Read the full interview here.