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Fueling Nonprofit Success.

Social Venture Partners: we connect Boston’s most promising nonprofits with the money and minds to fuel their success.

Our Nonprofits: a carefully selected portfolio of small and mid-sized nonprofits having extraordinary impact and with the potential to have much more.

Our Partners: a network of smart, engaged philanthropists who want to give money and much more: their mind power and their time.

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    In an article entitled, "Vital Signs," The Chronicle of Philanthropy explores how organizations, like SVP Boston, are preparing for the population boom of Americans over the age of 65. Read More »

    Don Hawley, Partner and Board member, was featured in this week's Concord Journal. Read More »

    Lynn's Daily Item highlights the good work of Families First and their new partnership with SVP Boston. Read More »

    The Boston Globe North and South announces Families First as Social Venture Partners Boston's most recent Grantee. Read More »

    In early June, nearly one hundred SVP Boston Partners, friends, and Grantees came together at our first Think Tankathon for a night of cooperative brainstorming and problem-solving. Read More »

    SVP Boston Grantee AFC Mentoring announces its new name. Introducing Silver Lining Mentoring. Same Mission. Same Values. New Name. Read More »

    The Wall Street Journal this week featured an article about SVP Boston Grantee Bottom Line, showing that intensive counseling services for poor kids helps them get into and graduate college. Read on... Read More »

    Reactions to the recent article about a Shark Tank competition for nonprofits have spanned from eager to appalled. Marjorie Ringrose, SVP Boston Executive Director, shares her thoughts with the Globe. Read More »

    "One of the things I love about SVP is the new friends. At this stage in life, it’s harder to make new friends. SVP is quite special in that way." Read More »

    Featured Events

    Letters of Interest Due

    September 8, 2015 5:00 pm

    Deadline for applying for an SVP capacity building grant is September 8th. Interested? Read More »

    An Evening with Paul Shoemaker

    September 21, 2015 6:00 pm

    Please join us for an intimate evening with Paul Shoemaker, Founding President of Social Venture Partners International. Read More »